Hygiene Assistant Jobs at Lane & Associates

Overall Responsibility

Hygiene Assistants are responsible for patient clerical duties, and charting maintenance duties. The hygiene assistant’s job is to assist the hygienist in order to make the hygienist more efficient and productive. Their direct involvement with the patients is largely at the discretion of the hygienist. It is the hygienist’s goal for the hygiene assistant to play an active role and become as knowledgeable as possible in their field to further ensure that patient’s needs are met and to make the hygienist that much more efficient.  It is the hygienist’s responsibility to communicate what they expect of their assistant within the parameters of their job description where these matters are concerned.

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Ensure treatment room is stocked, sterilized and setup for each appointment
  • Greets and introduces position to each patient
  • Updates health history and information upon each visit ~If hygienist wants them to.
  • Charts and documents all procedures performed and indicate next treatment to be performed
  • Works in unity with other clinical staff to ensure the proper appearance of lab and treatment rooms
  • Charts procedures to include patient conditions, medical and dental histories, treatment procedures and patient comments
  • Exposes and develops radiographs ~ If certified.
  • Reinforces recommendations for treatment
  • Coordinates the office recall system with the hygienist
  • Maintains inventory control in the hygiene rooms
  • Shares maintenance duties as required
  • Sterilizes interments
  • Performs recurring and routine work independently
  • Depending on workload, assists in monitoring the schedule and confirming appointments
  • Other duties as assigned