Zoom! Teeth Whitening

You may be wondering to yourself, “Why should I spend money on whitening when I can utilize your free teeth whitening program?” Although Zoom! Whitening Treatment has the same final results as the free bleaching trays we offer, there are huge differences in terms of convenience, time, and maintenance. 

Who can benefit from Zoom! Whitening vs. At Home Whitening Trays?

  • Brides and Grooms prepping for their Wedding
  • Working Individuals with scheduling conflicts
  • Patients with a big event coming up
  • Busy Parents with too little time to devote
  • Patients who enjoy instant gratification!

Zoom! is a great option for the working individual or stay-at-home parent with scheduling conflicts that simply won’t allow the time to get impressions for trays, put trays in at night with the bleach, monitor at home, and wait for results.  Alternatively, Zoom! Teeth Whitening is accomplished in one sitting in the office. The process itself takes about four 15 minute sessions. Considering prep, impressions, and post-procedure instructions you’re looking at a total of 1 ½ hours in the chair & up to 8 shades lighter! Talk about instant gratification!

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Check out our very own Lane & Associates’ Toothanistas talk about their experience with Zoom!


Our very own Toothanistas review the entire Zoom Teeth Whitening Process and show before and after results. They also show the entire behind the scenes process of a Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure in our Lane & Associates offices. Schedule your Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure with Lane & Associates today! 

How to Prep for Zoom! Whitening Treatment

The whitening gel used is very strong so we advise patients that need any restorative treatment to have this completed prior to whitening. This will help with handling the sensitivity of the whitening treatment.  About 2 weeks prior to treatment, patients will also need to use fluoride toothpaste, such as Prevident, which we prescribe to help strengthen the teeth before whitening.

Philips Zoom! LED Accelerator

The Accelerator is an in-office teeth whitening light designed to be used by dental professionals for use in whitening discolored teeth. The Accelerator’s LED light source has been designed to deliver the optimal spectrum of light energy to activate Philips Zoom! Light-Activated In-Office Whitening Gel to deliver up to 6-8 shades* of teeth whitening.

Zoom! Whitening Maintenance

After the procedure, your dentist will advise you not to drink coffee or staining liquids & foods for up to 48 hours. We will also provide trays to take home with touch-up whitening gel that the doctor will advise when and how much to use.

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