Are you ready for your Child’s First Dental Visit?

At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry we believe every child should smile at their first dental visit. Preserve precious memories with a gift bag of keepsakes including a framed Polaroid photograph of their first visit, Tooth Fairy or Pirate DollT-shirt, and a unique baby tooth album that protects and organizes baby teeth. Take a look at the smiles below!

Cobalt blue bag with My First Dental Visit logo, two tooth fairy dolls, two pirate dolls, a kids sized t-shirt, and baby tooth album

Make your child's first dental visit a special memory. One they can always hold on to.

Our Child’s First Dental Visit program started in late 2017 and has already captured the hearts of so many parents and young children. It is currently offered at all of our dental offices!


Imagine if your first dental visit as a child was this special, comfortable, and friendly.

Our dental hygienists give dental hygiene instructions that children can easily understand and always let the parents come back to the dentist chair with their children. We do not use any type of restraining device and instead let the kids get comfortable with their future dental surroundings and even play with the dental mirror or toothbrush on their new doll or pirate. We strive to be completely transparent with children and let them know how amazing it is to have them here at Lane & Associates.

We hope you feel the love and admiration that Lane & Associates takes with each and every dental visit, but especially with your child’s first dental visit. This is a special time in your child’s life and we would love to be a part of making it a beautiful memory.

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