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Do I have Sleep Apnea?

If you constantly wake up feeling mentally or physically tired in the morning after getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep, obstructive sleep apnea may be to blame. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that more than 18 million American adults suffer from sleep apnea, a sleep disorder often accompanied by excessive snoring.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea occurs when an individual’s airway collapses during sleep — this blocks the flow of air to the lungs and makes breathing difficult. As breathing becomes more and more difficult, the airway closes even tighter. Eventually, the brain will “wake up” the individual into a lighter sleep, allowing the individual to reposition their jaw and tongue to open the airway. This cycle can continue for the entire night’s sleep.

Who Does Sleep Apnea Affect?

Obstructive sleep apnea most often affects older adult men, but other factors like being overweight or having a history of sleep apnea can also increase your risk for this sleep disorder.

Children can also be affected by sleep apnea, a condition most often caused by large tonsils. The side effects of sleep apnea in children can be serious — in children, it has often been linked to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), mood disorders, bedwetting, learning problems, and growth problems.

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How can Lane & Associates Dental Sleep Medicine help me?

Learn About Our C-PAP Alternative

Although C-PAP is one of the more popular treatments for obstructive sleep apnea and excessive snoring, not all patients are able to use or feel comfortable using a C-PAP machine.

For this reason, Lane & Associates Dental Sleep Medicine is proud to offer oral appliance therapy as an alternative to C-PAP in Raleigh-Durham and surrounding areas.

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