Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is committed to supporting the communities in which we serve.

As North Carolina dentists, we pride ourselves on being involved in as many local events as possible and truly giving back to our patients and our communities. From handing out free toothbrushes to donating thousands to Breast Cancer Awareness programs to sponsoring Arts & sports programs, we stand by our motto, “We love to make you smile!” in everything we approach.

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry has supported the following dental clinics, fairs, festivals, events, non-profit organizations, schools, and sports programs. We are also heavily involved in our local Chambers and the many events they hold throughout the year.

Find out more about Lane & Associates by scrolling through our latest news & events or by visiting our About page here. If you are interested in partnering together or would like to ask us a question regarding donations, please email us at

Lane dentistry tent at Wind Down Wednesday in Cary

Dental Clinics

Volunteers smiling at Wake Smiles NC
Dr. Wright, Dr. Hamad, and staff volunteering at Wake Smiles in Raleigh