Child’s First Dentist Appointment in Fuquay-Varina

childs first dental visit

Is it time for your little one to visit the dentist for the first time? If so, the entire team at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is excited to welcome you and your child! Our team is proud to create a relaxed and friendly environment that is perfect for children. We even have a Child’s First Dental Visit Program!

If you need to schedule your child’s first appointment or want to learn more about Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, call us at 1-877-526-3337 or contact us below. We have twenty-seven locations and accept a wide variety of insurances, making it easy for you and your family to get the dental care you need.

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When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Appointment?

We get this question often, and we’re here to provide the answer once and for all! Your child should see the dentist six months after their first tooth comes in, or at the absolute latest, by the age of two. By that time, their baby teeth will be in and the dentist can evaluate jaw and tooth development.

What Will Happen at My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

There’s no reason to be worried when your child comes in for their first appointment. Bringing your little one in when they are young is a great way to introduce them to the hygienist and dentist in a fun environment! The hygienist will go over good dental health practices and give your child a chance to show their brushing skills on a doll or pirate. You will be allowed back with your child and are welcome to hold them in the chair to create a comfortable environment.

The dentist will take a quick look at your child’s teeth and evaluate their jaw and gum health. You will also learn to look for specific developmental milestones to make sure your child’s dental health is progressing well. If you have questions about fluoride, teething, or nutrition, our team will be happy to provide answers to help you provide ongoing oral care at home.  

Before your child leaves, they will receive a special gift from our team to let them know that we are thrilled to have them at our practice. Their gift bag will include a framed Polaroid photo of them at their first visit, a tooth fairy or pirate doll, t-shirt, and special keepsake baby tooth album. We began our Child’s First Dental Visit Program in 2017, and ever since then we’ve been proud to provide the best dental experience in the area for children.

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When you bring your child to the dentist at a young age, you give our team an opportunity to create a fun and welcoming environment that shows your little one that the dentist is a fun place to visit! Establishing this mindset can go a long way in securing your child’s dental health as they grow up, and we are proud to serve them from childhood into adulthood.  

Is it time for your child to visit the dentist? Call us at 1-877-526-3337 or contact us here on our website. You can also call one of our twenty-seven offices by navigating to our location page for specific phone numbers. Whether a patient is one or 91, here at Lane & Associates we love to make you smile!