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Read the full transcript here:

Stephanie:        Hi guys.

Alicia:               Hi.

Stephanie:        We’re back. And today is all about charcoal.

Alicia:               Charcoal everything guys.

Stephanie:        If you’re like me, when you see something out there that’s new, whether you need it or not, you have to have it.

Alicia:               You have to!

Stephanie:        It’s new and it’s trendy and all the things.

Alicia:               Exactly.

Alicia:               It’s going to be really fun. So today we’re just putting a little spice onto our product review. We are reviewing all of these products you see in front of you, in different flavors. Different consistencies. They’re all like just…

Stephanie:        Different colors.

Alicia:               Different colors. I know.

Stephanie:        You think charcoal is all black, but it’s not.

Alicia:               It is not and wait until you see what have to come.

Stephanie:        Okay, Alicia what are we going to do?

Alicia:               Okay, so what we’re going to do today, as you can see all of these cups in front of the charcoal toothpaste flavor/products, whatever you want to call them are labeled. So there is one, two, three, four, and five. And today, I’m going to blindfold Stephanie. Stephanie is going to blindfold me and… Oh, my gosh… That was my phone. Sorry guys.

Stephanie:        Time out.

Alicia:               Time out!

Alicia:               So what we’re going to do is hand each other cups out of order of the different flavors of the charcoal toothpaste, and we are going to guess what flavor they are. Are you ready? Are you ready?

Stephanie:        I’m ready. I think.

Alicia:               We’re so ready, we’re so excited. It’s going to be really fun, and the fun part is we’re going to be blindfolded.

Stephanie:        So to test our toothpaste, we are using the soft Hello toothpaste… The soft… Okay.

Stephanie:        To try out our toothpaste, we are going to use the Soft Hello Toothbrush. I was real excited when I was reading it. Charcoal infused tapered brushes. Again, I want to try all things cool and new, and that sounded really fun. Naturally friendly, BPA-free, so very excited. Let’s open it and see…

Alicia:               Awesome.

Stephanie:        It says, “Your mouth will thank you.”

Alicia:               And it says, “Hashtag brush happy on the back.” #brushhappy.

Stephanie:        Oh.

Alicia:               Okay, as you know we always…

Stephanie:        We need a knife.

Alicia:               We need a knife on set, at all times, because we can never open things.

Speaker 3:        A few moments later…

Alicia:               Okay.

Alicia:               This is wired shut. It’s wired shut.

Speaker 3:        Eventually…

Stephanie:        Oh, oh, oh. Okay. So secretly there’s a tab in the back. It just took us two hours to find it. And then you slide your finger through the back and out pops the toothbrush.

Stephanie:        Oh. It’s very sleek.

Alicia:               Oh. Very sleek guys.

Stephanie:        Very simple, has a little ridge down the back.

Alicia:               Yes, nice little thumb grip for you.

Stephanie:        The head of the toothbrush is a little smaller than I thought.

Alicia:               It is.

Stephanie:        It’s very tiny.

Alicia:               It is smaller than I thought.

Stephanie:        Some people like that, because you can really get in the back of your teeth, the way back, and underneath here where people often don’t get their teeth clean as much.

Alicia:               That’s true.

Alicia:               So, Stephanie let’s blindfold you.

Stephanie:        Yeah!

Alicia:               Are you ready?

Stephanie:        I am, I can’t see anything.

Alicia:               Good. Challenge accepted. Okay.

Alicia:               We can’t see anything.

Stephanie:        Nothing. It’s completely black.

Alicia:               It’s completely black.

Stephanie:        You got your toothbrush?

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               I got my toothbrush, now we’re going to have Holly come and hand us our flavor/products and we are going to guess which one is which. They are completely out of order, completely random. We have different ones, so it will be fun.

Holly:               Okay.

Holly:               So let’s see. We’re going to start…

Alicia:               I’m just going to hold my hand out guys. I’m just going to hold my hand out.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Shall we smell it first and see? Mmm-mmm.

Alicia:               Mmm-mmm. Okay.

Stephanie:        Smells good, it’s very minty. Well, it’s not very strong minty, is it?

Alicia:               So. Mmm-mmm.

Stephanie:        Okay, I’m going into taste, you going to taste yet?

Alicia:               It is minty. I’m going to taste. Dipping and dabbing.

Stephanie:        Oh my gosh, I’m scared.

Alicia:               Wow, this is strong mint.

Stephanie:        Strong mint. Okay. So I’m…

Alicia:               I don’t want to get the answer wrong.

Stephanie:        Oh no, I got toothpaste all over me now. I know I hate to be wrong. I hate being wrong.

Stephanie:        I’m going to say, it’s a Hello brand and I’m going to say it’s there fresh mint one…

Holly:               There is…

Stephanie:        Okay, I’m going to say it’s the Hello fresh mint brand. Final answer.

Alicia:               Okay, I’m going to say, this is really strong. I’m going to say it’s a Hello brand as well, and I really think mine is the fresh mint brand, because it’s so minty and it’s so strong. Okay.

Holly:               Ding, ding, ding, ding… You both are right.

Alicia:               Yeah.

Stephanie:        Yeah.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        I’d high five you but, I can’t see you.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        Okay, why is she laughing? What’s wrong?

Holly:               Okay, next up… Let’s see. Hmm-mmm.

Alicia:               Okay, I have to have my…

Holly:               That one. And, Stephanie can have that one.

Stephanie:        All right, you ready?

Alicia:               I’m ready. This is so hard.

Stephanie:        This one doesn’t smell the same as the other one for me.

Alicia:               This one smells completely different.

Alicia:               Okay, make sure my nose wasn’t covered.

Stephanie:        All right, oh.

Alicia:               I don’t know whether I’m putting the brush side in or the back of it. I don’t know.

Stephanie:        This is not… Okay, I think I know mine.

Alicia:               This has a little…

Stephanie:        This one does not have the same minty… Well, I hate being wrong, but I really don’t think it does. I think it tastes a little different. It’s still strong. Maybe it’s not. Are you brushing with it?

Alicia:               Uh-huh. Just to get the flavors, get the smells.

Stephanie:        That’s why I’m going to have black all over my face.

Alicia:               All over my face. Okay, I think that was helpful.

Stephanie:        All right. You go first this time.

Alicia:               Okay. I think mine is the Hello Acai, natural Acai flavor.

Stephanie:        I think mine is the charcoal crest flavor.

Alicia:               Okay?

Holly:               Okay and… You are both incorrect.

Stephanie:        Awe…

Alicia:               Awe…Oh, my gosh, I thought I was so right.

Stephanie:        Me too. I’m always right.

Alicia:               Oh, my goodness.

Holly:               So, Alicia you have the Crest charcoal.

Alicia:               What?

Holly:               Stephanie you had the hemp seed oil Hello.

Stephanie:        Oh? It was a little earthy. Oh well.

Alicia:               It tasted like the Acai to me.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Holly:               All righty, and for our next round.

Alicia:               No, I said I got it now.

Holly:               There and there.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Why is this so hard? This one smells really minty.

Alicia:               This is really minty.

Stephanie:        Like taste or smell?

Alicia:               Smell.

Stephanie:        This one’s not. All right, going in. This is definitely not a Hello brand. The mint is not the same.

Alicia:               Really strong, really minty.

Stephanie:        Like Hello minty?

Alicia:               Like strong. It’s really, it’s really strong. And it has a bite, because my tongue is really tingly.

Stephanie:        Mine is a little more subtle than the other one.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        I’m ready.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        Okay. I don’t think it’s a Hello brand, I don’t taste any Crest familiar taste, so I am going to guess it is the Curapox Black and White or Black is White. What is it?

Alicia:               Black is white. I think that’s what it is.

Stephanie:        The Curapox one that’s my guess. I hope I win.

Alicia:               Okay, because it’s so… It has like this spicy mint, like it’s tingling my tongue right now and I know that one is fresh mint and lime. So that is my guess.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               Okay.

Holly:               Okay. So one of you are right and one of you are wrong.

Alicia:               Gosh, gosh, whose right?

Stephanie:        It better be me.

Holly:               So Stephanie, you’re wrong.

Alicia:               I knew it.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        All right. Nice.

Holly:               You ready for the next one?

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        I’m going to win this one.

Holly:               We’ll see

Stephanie:        I’m not mad.

Alicia:               Okay. I know this one. Well, I think… I think I know this one.

Stephanie:        I’m not good at this… Okay, mine is really minty again, so I’m thinking Hello brand. Or not really minty. The smell is subtle. What about you?

Alicia:               The smell is… It smells sweet. So…

Stephanie:        Man.

Alicia:               It is… This… The smell matches the taste. If that makes sense. Maybe I should brush.

Stephanie:        It’s all starting to taste the same.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        Got to…

Alicia:               It does help.

Stephanie:        Okay, I think I’m ready.

Alicia:               Okay, I’m ready.

Stephanie:        I think I’m wrong, but I think I’m ready.

Stephanie:        You go first this time.

Alicia:               Okay, I think that this is the Hello Natural Acai flavor.

Stephanie:        That is also my guess.

Alicia:               Oh…Okay.

Holly:               And… You both are correct.

Alicia:               Yeah!

Stephanie:        Yeah!

Stephanie:        Making sure you can’t see.

Holly:               So I’m going to give you guys the last tester.

Alicia:               Okay.

Holly:               Stephanie since you have your hand out…

Alicia:               I forgot. I thought you were going to just put it in my mouth for me.

Stephanie:        Come on Alicia.

Alicia:               I just thought that.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Okay, again there’s a mint theme.

Alicia:               There’s a mint theme, to the toothpaste.

Stephanie:        Okay. All right, I’m going to do what you did, I’m going to go all in here. It’s going to be gross but, here I go.

Alicia:               Okay. I hear you brushing.

Alicia:               This one is minty. It’s not as minty as the Curaprox was… But it’s not sweet either.

Stephanie:        Mine is really minty. Like hot, spicy minty. Which, makes me think this is the one you just tried.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        I don’t taste the lime, but I also don’t not taste it either.

Alicia:               Yeah, exactly. This one…

Stephanie:        I’m going to say this is the Curaprox one.

Alicia:               This one…

Stephanie:        I can hear you smacking.

Alicia:               Is, I’m going to say, well process of elimination the hemp oil. Is that what it is? Hemp oil?

Stephanie:        Hemp seed.

Alicia:               Hemp seed.

Stephanie:        Yeah.

Alicia:               Hemp seed.

Holly:               Yeah. You’re both right.

Alicia:               All right!

Stephanie:        Yeah!

Holly:               Okay, so I have a little surprise for you guys.

Alicia:               Oh my goodness. You have a surprise?

Holly:               I brought along goodies for you guys to try. You know just to finish the whole process.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        Mouthwash.

Alicia:               Okay, we’re finishing off with some activated charcoal extra freshening mouthwash. And it’s fresh mint. So let’s try this.

Stephanie:        Okay. It’s the flavor I liked the most.

Alicia:               Oh, it’s her…

Stephanie:        Fresh mint with coconut oil.

Alicia:               It’s her flavor.

Stephanie:        It is. “No alcohol, no dyes, no artificial sweeteners, flavors, sulfates. No brainer.”

Alicia:               No brainer.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               All right, let’s try it.

Stephanie:        Going to open something.

Alicia:               Oh gosh, we have to open…

Stephanie:        We are really bad at this. So bad at this

Alicia:               We are not good at opening things guys.

Stephanie:        That’s the color of the bottle.

Alicia:               I know. Oh. Is this black?

Stephanie:        I don’t know.

Stephanie:        I like the color of the bottle. Okay.

Alicia:               Is it?

Alicia:               Oh?

Stephanie:        Oh?

Stephanie:        But not like gross black, it looks like dirt water.

Alicia:               It does… It looks like dirty water. Okay. Cheers.

Stephanie:        Cheers.

Stephanie:        It smells extremely earthy. You have to try it too.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        I know you’re weird.

Stephanie:        It does… I don’t want to say it smells like dirt, because it’s not, but it’s very earthy.

Alicia:               It’s very natural smelling like.

Stephanie:        No, it smells like something, you’ve had it before. I know we’ve had it before.

Alicia:               What is it?

Stephanie:        I don’t know. Okay, here taste it.

Stephanie:        Okay. The after taste is really nice. Have you spit it yet… Spit it in your cup.

Stephanie:        There’s a flavor I cannot pinpoint. It’s very earthy and I’ve tasted the flavor before.

Alicia:               It’s kind of…

Stephanie:        I’m reading, “Black rinse night looks weird, but it works brilliant, activated charcoal, made from sustainable bamboo.” So there’s the earthy. We just swished tree in our mouths. “Natural detoxifier freshens breath, while coconut oil moisturizes your mouth, but wait there’s more.”

Alicia:               There’s more…

Stephanie:        Oh gosh, there’s a word I can’t pronounce.

Stephanie:        Tea tree Oil, that’s what we taste! That’s it.

Alicia:               That was the smell.

Stephanie:        That’s the smell. I knew I had it.

Alicia:               It smells like tea tree oil a lot and that was the smell.

Stephanie:        That was it. That was the smell. So I wasn’t sure about it, we were swishing it, because it was a little earthy, but the after taste is really, really good.

Alicia:               It’s refreshing. It’s…

Stephanie:        I can still feel it. I can still feel it.

Alicia:               It’s very minty.

Stephanie:        But you don’t get that alcohol, like hot burn your tongue.

Alicia:               No, you don’t get the burn, but it’s very like… My mouth feels really clean.

Stephanie:        Mine too. I’d use it.

Alicia:               Very, very clean. I would definitely use it. Stamp yes.

Stephanie:        I would use it. Great. Good surprise.

Alicia:               It’s good.

Alicia:               We definitely recommend going and checking out all of these charcoal branded items like… All of these items are amazing. If you guys know any charcoal products that you want us to test please let us know.

Stephanie:        Let us know. Absolutely.

Alicia:               Reach out to us.

Stephanie:        And all of these can be found at your local drugstore or Target, Walmart. So they’re not hard to find.

Alicia:               Yes.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        All right.

Stephanie:        See you next time. Oh, sorry. Go ahead.

Alicia:               Like, subscribe, click that bell. We’ll see you next time.

Stephanie:        Bye.

Alicia:               Bye.


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