How Soon After Cavity Filling Can I Eat Sugar?

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Cavity filling is one of the most common dental practices performed today. Every year millions of cavities are filled by dentists around the country. Our love of sweet treats and sugary desserts means that cavities are incredibly common for most Americans. Chances are that you or someone you know has one or multiple fillings, and has seen a local dentist in Cary or Raleigh for a filling. Although sugar is one of the common causes of cavities, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to give up their craving for sugar after getting a cavity! That is why one of the most common questions our dentists get after a filling is: How soon after getting a cavity filled can I eat sugar?


The answer depends on the severity of the cavity you had filled, and sometimes the type of filling material used to restore your tooth. There are several different materials that can be used for fillings, including porcelain, silver amalgam, and common composite resin. Usually there can be sensitivity or light soreness in the affected tooth for a couple days to one week after a cavity is filled. During this time it is not recommended to eat sugar in order to make sure sure the filling sets and the tooth heals correctly. There are also some other types of food to avoid immediately after getting a cavity filled:


What foods should I avoid after getting a cavity filled?

After getting a cavity filled you should take care to avoid certain foods just to be safe and avoid disrupting the filling. One of the main things to avoid is sticky or gummy foods, which in very rare cases can dislodge a filling. Better safe than sorry, so you may want to avoid sticky candies or foods that have a gummy consistency for 5-7 days after getting a cavity filled.


Another type of food to avoid for a few days is extremely hot or cold food. This is less because of danger to a new filling, and more for the sake of comfort. After getting a cavity filled, some people experience increased sensitivity in that tooth and the surrounding area. Very hot or cold foods may cause discomfort until the sensitivity goes away. If you can’t get by without that pint of ice cream for a few days we understand (Ben & Jerry’s Half Bakedanyone?) but if you can wait a few days to snack on hot or cold foods, your teeth may thank you.


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You may also want to avoid nuts, ice, hard candy, or other very hard foods for a few days after having a cavity filled. Like food of extreme temperature, these hard foods or candies can cause discomfort if your teeth are sensitive after receiving your filling. In very rare cases they can also dislodge new fillings, but in general you may want to save your teeth the discomfort for a few days after getting your cavity filled.


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