Lilly’s Journey: WHY INVISALIGN?

Who are the Toothanistas?

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Read full transcript here:

Alicia:                           Hi, everyone. I am here with Lilly from Marketing, and we are going to be talking about Invisalign. So we are going to be following Lilly’s Invisalign journey. She’s going to give us all the scoop, all the behind the scenes. It’s going to be really cool.

Lilly:                             All the things you should know that they don’t tell you.

Alicia:                           That’s right.

Lilly:                             From the top.

Alicia:                           Lilly.

Lilly:                             Hey.

Alicia:                           So tell us why you chose Invisalign.

Lilly:                             I chose Invisalign because I did not like the way my smile looked. It’s hard to tell from like other people. But for me, I feel like it looks like a snaggletooth, just hanging out in the wind.

Alicia:                           Oh my God.

Lilly:                             Such a weird thing, but look… It’s out there in the universe for everybody to see. And I didn’t like that, so we had to fix that.

Lilly:                             I’m really excited for you guys to follow me on my journey through Invisalign. We’re going to get down to everything that comes along with it, the real, the bad, the ugly. There’s going to be a lot of saliva. You’re going to see me in a lot of pain. Just all the things that you would not expect, but we’re going to go through it and we’re going to do it together.

Lilly’s Husband:             Ew.

Lilly:                             Yeah, that’s the worst one, the top ones.

Alicia:                           Okay, guys, we are wrapping up now. Lilly, take us home.

Lilly:                             Again, I’m Lilly. Follow my Invisalign case and learn about all the fun things to do with Invisalign.

Lilly:                             How many times?

Alicia:                           Hey, Lilly.

Lilly:                             I am really mad at you right now.

Alicia:                           Hey, Lilly. Hey, Lilly.

Lilly:                             Take seven.

Alicia:                           Take seven.

Alicia:                           Bye.

Lilly:                             Bye.

Alicia:                           Bye.

Lilly:                             Bye.

Alicia:                           Bye.

Lilly:                             Bye.


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