Stop & Smell the Lavender at your next dental appointment.

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry at Cary Tryon is now offering Complimentary Spa Amenities!

Yes, you heard us right! These spa-like amenities are absolutely FREE of charge during your regularly scheduled dental visit or cleaning. New patient appointments can even take part in these complimentary amenities by requesting a list from our Concierge.

Relax & Smell the Lavender

Our Spa Amenities program started in late 2018 and has already captured attention from many of our Cary patients. It is currently offered at our Cary Tryon Rd office and our hope is to continue in other locations in the future!

Types of Complimentary Spa Amenities We Offer…

Calming Relaxation Room & Soothing Music

Prop up your legs and rest in our Relaxation Room complete with beautiful soothing music and a TV with serene scenes displayed to aid in tranquility. You will feel completely at ease (and may even doze off). Sitting in our comfortable chair and listening to serene music while receiving paraffin wax treatment for your hands is an experience you must try. This atmosphere allows you to completely clear your mind & gives you moments where you can’t be distracted by your phone (because your hands are wrapped in warming mitts). We truly believe this is the experience every patient needs to indulge in at least once before an appointment.

Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands

You often hear of this treatment while visiting the nail salon as an added bonus to the ‘VIP package’ or at Day Spas. Cosmetically, Paraffin Wax is used as an application to hands and feet since it is a natural moisturizer. This gives the hands and feet a soft and supple treatment to boost the moisture levels of the skin during and after treatment. Paraffin Wax has also been known to aid in arthritis treatmentFibromyalgia, and other joint mobility issues. Read more about the benefits of Parrafin Wax treatment here.

At our dental office, we will lead you to the Relaxation Room and allow you to prop your feet up in our comfortable chair. Next, we will place your hands in our pre-filled wax gloves and slowly move the paraffin wax up to your palm. After the wax is in place we will insert your hands into our warming mitts to allow the wax to harden. After the allotted time in the Relaxation Room, our dental assistants will remove the mitts and gloves revealing smooth, soft hands. Voila!

Massage Chairs During your Dental Appointment

If you weren’t relaxed enough by now, Lane & Associates now offers dental chairs with Massage capabilities during your dental appointment. Fully adjustable for different speeds and strengths using your personal remote control – ask your dental hygienist or assistant to demonstrate today! We have already had an amazing response from our current patients but don’t take our word for it! Watch the recording below of our patient who recorded his time at our office & encouraged others to join.

Aromatherapy using Essential Oils

Although most of us have heard about the calming & soothing effects of essential oils, few of us have had the time to utilize them during stressful or anxiety-ridden situations. Many believe that using Essential oils such as LavenderCitrus or Peppermint have calming side effects and can aid during moments such as dental appointments. Feel calm & relaxed before and during your appointment by choosing a relaxing fragrance such as Lavender oil to spritz in your relaxation room and on your dental napkin. This allows the fresh scent to waft up during your dental appointment bringing a calm & serene atmosphere.

Benefits of using Lavender Essential Oil during your Dental Appointment

Lavender Oil can be used as a remedy for aching muscles, acne, earaches, eczema, fatigue, fevers, & headaches. In many cases, lavender oil has also been used to help with insomniamenstrual crampsShinglessunburnsinusitisstress, & anxiety. During your dental appointment, anxiety can manifest but our Lavender essential oil spritz can help ease your worry and allow you to truly feel calm during your visit. We also offer Citrus and Peppermint oil, which have been known to aid in anti-oxidant protection and Halitosis, respectively.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Hand-wash

Toxins and dry skin are easily washed away by using our organic exfoliating sugar hand-wash during your visit. Exfoliating is easily one of the best things you can do for your skin. Since our hands, in particular, are constantly in use, be it washing dishes, typing up work emails, or playing sports – it is essential to allow them to relax and rejuvenate from time to time. Exfoliation works by lightly scraping away any dead skin cells or toxins left on the epidermis to give you fresh, smooth skin.

Warm Blankets & Hot Towels

Love to cozy up with a warm blanket? Our office is now offering warm blankets during your next Lane & Associates dental appointment! Simply ask your dental assistant or Lane team member during your next visit & they will be happy to provide this service. If you are also participating in other spa amenities you may receive a hot lemon-scented towel to wipe excess wax or sugar scrub off of your hands.

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