TARGET VLOG!!! Hello Brand, Burt’s Bees, and Crest

Who are the Toothanistas?

The Toothanistas, Stephanie and Alicia, are two dental bloggers bringing you the latest news on dental products and answering common questions. For the latest from the Toothanistas, subscribe to the Toothanistas Youtube channel! Want to see more videos like TARGET VLOG: Hello Brand, Burts Bees & Crest? Watch the Toothanistas UNBOXING + REVIEW of Crest 3D White products. Read on below for the full transcript of the TARGET VLOG video!

Read full transcript here:

Alicia:               Hi guys.

Stephanie:        Hi.

Alicia:               Your Toothanistas are at Target today.

Stephanie:        Yay!

Alicia:               We are going to do a product vlog for you so stay tuned as we walk into Target.

Stephanie:        Love Target.

Alicia:               Love Target. Okay, let’s go!

Alicia:               So, look, Stephanie’s walking into the outdoor guys. She’s the outdoor walker-inner. Oh my goodness. Let’s go, Target! Here we go. Currently in Target. We’re just perusing.

Alicia:               We are going to go to the dental, toothpaste, toothbrushes, whatever they are. Okay, me and Stephanie are splitting the grid. Fun ventures. What do you guys want to see in Target? Do you love Target as much as we do? We love Target. We love Target! So guys, we have approached the toothpaste aisle with all the dental care, toothbrushes, et cetera. And we found some charcoal items. Oh my goodness. Here we have hello. I think this is the hello over here. I’ve been seeing this a lot on social media so I think we should try this, Stephanie.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               What about this, the Burt’s Bees?

Stephanie:        I think this is a North Carolina product if I’m not mistaken. I know they have a facility here.

Alicia:               We are also looking at all of the Crest.

Stephanie:        3D white. My favorite toothpaste.

Alicia:               3D white. Ooh, it’s super smooth guys. For those of you who haven’t tried it and there’s so many different flavors now and-

Stephanie:        Coconut oil.

Alicia:               Coconut oil.

Stephanie:        I’ll just get them all.

Alicia:               Let’s just get them all.

Stephanie:        All of these.

Alicia:               All of these. Tell Target to sponsor the Toothanistas. This is what we need. So guys, we have binged all of the hello products. Here you can see them. We’re going to review them for you guys and tell you what we think and we’ll also include these into our charcoal series soon to come.

Alicia:               Oohh, make up!

Alicia:               Vloggers, yeah. Vloggers at Target.

Alicia:               Okay guys, we are winding down our trip to Target with not only dental items but personal items. Target just carries us away. It’s the danger zone really. But these are the things that we’re getting and we cannot wait for you to see them as we review them. Alright, signing off. Bye.

Stephanie:        Bye.

Stephanie:        This is a professional job. That’s how fast I am.

Alicia:               Stephanie is a professional.


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