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Alicia:               Hi, everyone!

Stephanie:        Hi!

Alicia:               Welcome to our channel. Today we’re going to be talking about Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening. Are you ready? Have you guys ever needed your teeth whitening? Oh crap. Have you guys ever needed your teeth whitened last minute, for a special occasion?

Stephanie:        Wedding.

Alicia:               Wedding, or just anything? Just you wanted that vanity of your teeth being professionally whitened, sparkly white? Well, we’re going to tell you about it, so stay tuned.

Stephanie:        So I am a lazy person when it comes to doing the things that I want to do, and that I like to do. So I did Zoom whitening about nine months ago, and it was amazing. So for a lot of you who don’t know, the little strips that you can often get from your dentist, or you can order, they’ll give you the same result in four months that Zoom Whitening will give you in one hour.

Stephanie:        So it was very cool for me to be able to go in, spend one hour doing it, and walk away with a gleaming white smile. Zoom Whitening is done by your dentist professional. You go in, and the assistant usually takes care of it. It is what four 15 minute segments-

Alicia:               Sections.

Stephanie:        … where they just paint something on your mouth. You sit there with the light on there, and when you leave after that, it’s instantaneous. You put on your red lipstick and you look fabulous.

Alicia:               So you guys are going to see some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Stephanie during her Zoom Whitening process.

Alicia:               Stephanie, why did you want to try Zoom Whitening?

Stephanie:        I would love to say it was because I wanted to have white teeth for a wedding, or something fun, but no, it’s because I’m pure lazy. I don’t whiten like I should every day or every other day, so I wanted to do something instantaneously, so I could just feel good in the summertime. And I don’t know, vanity, pure vanity.

Alicia:               Vanity.

Stephanie:        No other reason. I just wanted to look great, and have that confidence of a white, gleaming ding, smile.

Alicia:               Super white smile.

Stephanie:        A lot of people experience sensitivity with Zoom Whitening. I personally did not, which was awesome, but those of you who do, you can just literally ask …

Alicia:               That was good.

Stephanie:        I’m sorry.

Alicia:               That was good.

Stephanie:        For those of you who do, you can ask them. They’ll give you a little sensitivity gel, you can put it in before you even leave the office. I recommend asking for that, and also to remember to continue whitening with the trays that they give you, and the whitening solutions, that way you don’t lose your Zoom White smile and you don’t have to go back and have it done again. The cool thing is if you wanted it done again, you can have it done again, and continue that. So 10-year reunions, weddings, like we’ve mentioned before, anything, senior pictures is also a big one, I think. A lot of people want to have their teeth whitened, instead of having it Photoshopped, you have the real thing. Zoom Whitening.

Alicia:               Zoom Whitening.

Stephanie:        Zoom Whitening.

Alicia:               Zoom Whitening.

Stephanie:        Zoom Whitening.

Alicia:               Zoom Whitening. Zoom Whitening.

Stephanie:        Zoom Whitening.

Alicia:               Zoom Whitening.

Stephanie:        Zoom Whitening.

Alicia:               Zoom Whitening.

Stephanie:        Yay, Zoom Whitening. Okay guys, make sure you comment below and let us know if you’d like to try Zoom Whitening. We will send you a discount code for your next session. Lane & Associates not only does Zoom Whitening but are plenty of awesome cosmetic opportunities that can be done in as easy as one day to give you that confident smile.

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Stephanie:        Bye. See you next time.

Alicia:               You go … I can’t speak.

Stephanie:        All right, you got it. Okay.



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