UNBOXING + REVIEW of Waterpik Waterflosser for Kids!

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Stephanie:        Hello, Nistas, today we are coming to you from Garner, North Carolina. We’re going to unbox and review the Waterpik. Back to you, Alicia!

Alicia:               Thanks Stephanie. So now we’re going to review the waterpik for my first time. I think I’m supposed to fill this green thing. So I’m going to fill it with some water.

Alicia:               All right, so I’ve filled the basin with water, and I’m going to put it back onto the base. And we’re going to show you guys the details of the Waterpik in the unboxing. So now I’m going to plug in the Waterpik, and there are three settings and I’m really scared to turn it on because it’s going to make a mess. Okay so I’m going to take out the handle and I’m going to turn it on to setting one. And I’m going to turn it on. It’s really messy!

Alicia:               What an experience. Back to the studio, guys.

Stephanie:        Okay guys, here we are back in the studio and we’re ready to unbox the Waterpik water flosser. we have the kids version, but it works just the same as the adults. So Alicia, you want to do the honors?

Alicia:               Okay. So you guys, we always struggle opening things yet I think this time… Ah, it’s a lot better.

Stephanie:        So the Waterpik brand has many flossers out there. They have children’s versions, adult versions, portable versions, big versions.

Alicia:               Okay. This is what we get, there are two nozzles. There’s like a little remove before you use tab.

Stephanie:        I think this is the orthodontic flosser. So if your child has braces or you have braces, they have different heads that work for metal braces and things like that. So that’s very cool.

Alicia:               That’s very cool. And this is the standard one in it, it already comes right on the…

Stephanie:        Handle? Dispenser?

Alicia:               Handle. On the dispenser handle thing. Okay. So it also does not have a top for the water basin. It just kind of hooks in and sits on top. So that’s very cool.

Stephanie:        This one particularly does not take batteries. So it does have a cord. So you want to plug it in where it will be handy for you. You can hide the cord behind it a little bit.

Alicia:               Ooh.

Stephanie:        This way your kid can’t take it and squirt it all over your- Oh and it ejects.

Alicia:               It ejects.

Stephanie:        So this could be used as a weapon if your child’s between the ages of 7 and 10.

Alicia:               We got cool stickers.

Stephanie:        Fun. So you can personalize it.

Alicia:               Personal stickers in here, I like that. They’re cute. And make sure you guys read the instructions on how to, but we’re going to show you a how to. I’m going to water floss Stephanie today.

Stephanie:        This is fun.

Alicia:               Oh, cute.

Stephanie:        Very cute.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        So this looks like it has different levels of pressure maybe.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        So one, two and three. I would start off with level one and see how that goes for for you. Again, all different types of- Goodness this is fun.

Alicia:               It’s a toy.

Stephanie:        It’s a toy.

Alicia:               It’s officially a toy. Now I am going to fill the basin and we’re going to water floss Stephanie.

Alicia:               We are back and we’re ready. Let’s go, Stephanie.

Stephanie:        We’re going to start on level one.

Alicia:               Level one.

Stephanie:        Okay, so you read the instructions before playing with your, I mean before operating your Waterpik. The Waterpik instructions say always placed tip in mouth before turning the unit on. I think Alicia just wanted to splash me. So this probably is not a dual person.

Alicia:               It’s not a duel person instrument. I think you should water floss in the shower.

Stephanie:        In the shower. That’s a great idea. In the shower. This one won’t work for the shower because it does have the cord, but you can buy them, like I said before-

Alicia:               The portable version.

Stephanie:        Okay. Should we try it again? Let’s try it again. Okay, so let’s just make sure here. Always place tip in mouth before turning it on. Lean over the sink, which we don’t have a sink, and close lips enough to prevent splashing. Too late. While still allowing the water to water to floss and flow from the mouth. Okay.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Oh. You can also register your product online for $44 in savings and purchases.

Alicia:               Cool.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               Okay. Are you ready?

Stephanie:        I guess. This is our sink.

Alicia:               This is our sink.

Stephanie:        It’s kind of gross. This is gross.

Alicia:               Okay. Level one.

Stephanie:        Okay. Ew gross, sorry.

Alicia:               How does it feel?

Stephanie:        Kind of like massages your gums.

Alicia:               So guys, I used this earlier and we just had lunch, so there was like a big chunk of food that fell out of my mouth.

Stephanie:        TMI.

Alicia:               But it works. It is efficient. It really works.

Stephanie:        Up the level and see how that does.

Alicia:               Let’s see how this goes.

Stephanie:        We’re going to go all the way to level 3.

Alicia:               Let’s go level 3.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Stephanie:        Level 3 is dangerous and should not be used at home.

Alicia:               It’s really intense.

Stephanie:        So overall I think it’s fun.

Alicia:               It’s very fun.

Stephanie:        I think it’s kind of fun for kids. Let your kid get in the shower, put his bathing suit on.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        And let him go to town.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        I think my kids would use this because it was fun and messy.

Alicia:               That’s right.

Stephanie:        So put some towels down, teach them how to use it, make sure it’s in the mouth before you turn it on.

Alicia:               Yes. But a very effective way to floss.

Stephanie:        It feels good.

Alicia:               I was going to say, it feels good and it’s fun for kids and it’s just a different way to floss. I think it really works.

Stephanie:        It takes the laziness factor out.

Alicia:               Yes, it does. It does.

Stephanie:        So the Waterpik, thumbs up?

Alicia:               Thumbs up.

Alicia:               Make sure you like, subscribe, and follow us on all social media. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

Stephanie:        Bye.


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