What is all the hype about?!? Watch the Toothanistas do a REVIEW of the ‘Zollipops: The Clean Teeth Pops’ below!

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Read the Full Transcript below:

Stephanie:        Hi, everyone.

Alicia:               Hi.

Stephanie:        We are back.

Alicia:               We are back, guys, for a vlog for you today. Zollipops.

Stephanie:        Zollipops.

Alicia:               We’re doing Zollipops.

Stephanie:        We’re very excited.

Alicia:               We are very, very excited. So Zollipops, what are Zollipops, guys?

Stephanie:        What are Zollipops, Alicia? Tell us.

Alicia:               So Zollipops are the clean teeth pops. These pops are supposed to be all-natural. We actually have some notes on them.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               They are sugar-free. They are gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, non-GMO, natural flavors and colors.

Stephanie:        Awesome.

Alicia:               So a little background information. They are also, oh, diabetic-friendly. They’re keto, nut-free.

Stephanie:        Keto.

Alicia:               So, they’re just really perfect for anyone. Anybody out there with dietary restrictions or just wants something different, something healthy that promotes oral health, which is why we’re here. We’re the Toothanistas.

Stephanie:        But the coolest thing-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        … the coolest thing about Zollipops-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        … is they were created by a kid. And this is what prompted me to look at them because she’s all over the place, all over social media.

Alicia:               Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Stephanie:        I think Entrepreneur Magazine.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Her name is, oh, I’m going to butcher this. Help me out.

Alicia:               Okay, it’s Alina Morris.

Stephanie:        Alina. Alina Morris.

Alicia:               Hi, Alina.

Stephanie:        Hi. We think you’re super cool.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        And we’re super impressed. We have waited to taste these. We want to taste them on camera, so we can share.

Alicia:               I know. We wanted our first reactions on camera, super vlog style.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               So, it’s really raw, this is the first time we’re trying this.

Stephanie:        It is, but I’m very exciting, and congratulations to her for doing such an awesome thing.

Alicia:               Yes, congratulations Alina!

Stephanie:        One of the things that I thought was really cool is 10% of all the profits go to support oral health education in schools.

Alicia:               Awesome.

Stephanie:        So, you get a great product, and support a great cause, because you know we’re all about oral health.

Alicia:               We are all about that. Okay, so, we’re taking the ZPH challenge right now.

Stephanie:        ZPH, nice.

Alicia:               Zollipops challenge!

Stephanie:        Okay, I like red ones, so is there a red one in here?

Alicia:               Okay, let’s see.

Stephanie:        We have yellow.

Alicia:               Oh, I love yellow!

Stephanie:        And more yellow, oh and I dropped a purple and an orange. I see red down here. Oh, there’s two.

Alicia:               Oh yes, let me tell you guys all the flavors while Stephanie’s getting those. There’s strawberry, grape, pineapple, orange-

Stephanie:        Oh, I thought it was lemon. It’s pineapple.

Alicia:               I know, it’s pineapple.

Stephanie:        Oh, I might change mine.

Alicia:               Raspberry and cherry. So there, one, two, three, four, five, six flavors.

Stephanie:        Okay. I’m going to try this one. No, I lied.

Alicia:               That’s hard.

Stephanie:        I’m going to try this one.

Alicia:               All right, so you’re going to try the raspberry.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               And I’m going to try the orange. All right, let’s see.

Stephanie:        Okay, and then maybe for an extra treat we’ll both try the pineapple.

Alicia:               Exactly, exactly.

Stephanie:        Because that just sounds super fun, that’s not your typical flavor.

Alicia:               It does. Okay, these are awesome.

Stephanie:        So, they taste like … they taste naturally sweet.

Alicia:               They taste like normal lollipops.

Stephanie:        Mm-hmm, and not too sweet.

Alicia:               Not too sweet.

Stephanie:        But they’re very flavorful.

Alicia:               But they’re very good.

Stephanie:        Mm-hmm. I break mine, are you a breaker?

Alicia:               Yes, I’m crunching on mine.

Stephanie:        We don’t recommend you break any candy with your teeth.

Alicia:               No, with your teeth, don’t do this.

Stephanie:        Don’t do this at all.

Alicia:               That’s good.

Stephanie:        It is very good.

Alicia:               This is good candy.

Stephanie:        It almost tastes like a Jolly Rancher.

Alicia:               It does.

Stephanie:        Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Alicia:               So this is like a guilt-free mom treat to give to your kids.

Stephanie:        Beautiful.

Alicia:               It’s so healthy, I mean why not?

Stephanie:        Mm-hmm. I like it, I like it a lot.

Alicia:               That’s good. Mm-hmm.

Stephanie:        My kids aren’t little anymore, but I can tell you that if I put these on the counter, they would be gone.

Alicia:               Yeah, they would get them. That’s good.

Stephanie:        Very cool. Awesome.

Alicia:               Awesome guys. I am very impressed.

Stephanie:        I think maybe I should try … Okay, I’m gonna try the other one.

Alicia:               Okay, try the other one. I’m going to get more of this orange, this is really good.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               How’s the pineapple?

Stephanie:        Very good. I think I liked the raspberry-

Alicia:               Okay, now I have to try one.

Stephanie:        But I always know I like red and stuff like that.

Alicia:               Mm-hmm, I love the pineapple.

Stephanie:        Can we do a time-lapse? You know, I like this a lot.

Alicia:               I like that a lot.

Stephanie:        More than I thought I would, I’ll be honest.

Alicia:               Yeah.

Stephanie:        I like it a lot. It’s very good.

Alicia:               This gives me that perfect after lunch treat, that when you crave something sweet.

Stephanie:        We had a really heavy lunch too. Mm-hmm. So, for all the world that’s on keto, because you know keto is all the rage.

Alicia:               Yes, everything right now.

Stephanie:        If you want to be everybody’s best friend, you can keep these in your purse and pass them out to all your keto friends.

Alicia:               Exactly. So, Zollipops. What do we think? Yes, thumbs up. Pops up.

Stephanie:        Pops up, that’s cute. You’re funny.

Alicia:               Pops up! This is cute.

Stephanie:        Awesome.

Alicia:               Okay guys, so make sure to like this video, subscribe, and we’ll see you next time. Click that notification bell.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Bye.