Are you accepting new patients?

YES! We always welcome new patients at any of our dental offices – you will never be turned away.

What insurances do you take?

We are In-Network with over 18 dental insurance providers. We also accept and file ANY type of dental insurance. Contact your most convenient Lane & Associates office and speak to one of our friendly staff members. We will gladly help verify your insurance benefits. 

Do you have a payment plan?

If you are a self-pay patient or are receiving treatment or services beyond the provisions of your dental insurance, we accept Care Credit at all of our locations. Our office staff can assist you with setting this up or you may contact Care Credit directly at  800-677-0718 or visit their website at Read more about our Insurance and Billing information.

How much will my visit cost?

At Lane & Associates, we make every effort to ensure the most economical treatment is provided for the specific dental needs of each patient. Because each patient and their needed care is different, we cannot provide an absolute cost of treatment before you are seen in our offices by one of our dentists. We can only provide an estimate. After your examination, the treatment plan and costs will be reviewed with you prior to any work being done. Please contact us via the contact form or call 1-877-526-3337 and we will be happy to give you an estimate of costs over the phone.  

Do I have to take  X-rays?

X-rays (radiographs) are a very important part of the dental exam. If you do not have recent X-rays on file, you may need to have them taken. If you have concerns over receiving X-rays, please discuss this with your dentist. 

This is my child’s first dental visit, what can I expect?

At Lane & Associates, we believe every child should have a wonderful first visit which is why we have put together a Child’s First Dental Visit program. Find out more here. 

This is my first visit to Lane & Associates, what paperwork do I need to fill out and what should I bring with me?

Please find all necessary New Patient paperwork here. You may print these off at home and bring them in with you to your first appointment. If you will be filling out your paperwork in the office, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. You should also bring your Driver’s License/ID, Current Insurance card, List of medications/Health history, and any other legal or financial documents necessary. Please call us if you have any difficulties or questions about your first appointment at 1-877-526-3337, fill out the contact us form , or contact the  specific office page  you are interested in visiting.  

First-time patient at Lane & Associates?

 Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we receive above and feel free to reach out to us via the  contact form  or  give us a call at  1-877-526-3337  if you have any additional questions.