TIQUES, TEETH, & TALK: 104 Clothing & Boutique with Courtney Holliday

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Stephanie:        Hi guys. We are outside of one of my most favorite places, 104 Clothing and Boutique. I am super excited. I love to shop here. They’re located near our Garner office and on the corner of 40 and 42 known to locals as the greater Cleveland area. So I’m going to turn you around here so you can see their storefront. They are also doing things online every day and they have mini live sales. They are awesome. I love them. I’m so excited.

Alicia:               So we are in 104 Clothing and Boutique guys. And look who we find, Courtney. Courtney is going to be the topic of this episode’s Tiques, Teeth and Talk.

Courtney:         Hi everyone.

Stephanie:        See we’re here with Courtney. Courtney is Lane and Associates’ Administrative Director of Orthodontics aka all things Ortho. That’s the easiest way to remember it.

Alicia:               She is the ortho queen.

Stephanie:        Little tiara.

Alicia:               I know, right?

Stephanie:        Tiara.

Alicia:               We’re going to talk about all things ortho today as we shop, so let’s get to talking guys. Yes.

Stephanie:        I already have this.

Courtney:         She probably has everything in the store guys.

Alicia:               She really probably does.

Courtney:         I’m wearing this now.

Alicia:               She’s wearing a 104 ensemble right now, guys. Earrings, wonderful pieces. The shoes, super cute. Those are really cute.

Stephanie:        Let me see, let me see.

Alicia:               So stylish.

Stephanie:        104 has such a fun selection of fashion earrings.

Alicia:               Fun, super. And I’m wearing 104 as well guys, my dress. All 104.

Stephanie:        So cute. You’ll often find me wearing their earrings on our show because I think they’re so fun.

Courtney:         Beautiful statement pieces.

Stephanie:        Yes, really cute.

Alicia:               All right Courtney. So tell us about ortho.

Courtney:         What do you want to know Alicia?

Alicia:               Tell us why we should choose to get orthodontic treatment.

Courtney:         There’s a number of reasons. The biggest reason is for cosmetic reasons. Most people want ortho because they want to make sure that their smile is beautiful. So we get a lot of people coming in requesting to fix their social six.

Stephanie:        What are the social six?

Courtney:         So it’s basically just the teeth that you see in a person’s mouth. So your front teeth whenever you smile, the most noticeable.

Stephanie:        So one, two, three, four, five, six, like three of the top, three at the bottom?

Courtney:         Basically from canine to canine. So you’re pointy teeth to pointy teeth?

Stephanie:        There we go.

Courtney:         What we call vampire teeth.

Alicia:               All right.

Courtney:         Who has these?

Stephanie:        I don’t know. Somebody does have those.

Courtney:         Yeah, they’re so cute.

Alicia:               Courtney, so tell us why you chose orthodontic treatment?

Courtney:         I was mainly concerned about spacing, so that was my main reason about trying ortho. But I’m one of those people that if I didn’t have an option that was less noticeable, I probably wouldn’t have done ortho. So this is why I chose clear ceramic. Honestly, I started off with Invisalign treatment, but I wasn’t as responsible as I should have been. So I was not wearing my aligner. So it’s super important to wear your aligners if you go with a clear aligner system.

Stephanie:        So how many aligners typically do you have to, like how often do you have to wear them in order to be successful?

Courtney:         With your aligners, we recommend you wear them at least 22 hours out of the day. So you only take them out to eat, to brush and then you put them back in.

Stephanie:        Wow.

Courtney:         Yeah, so usually-

Stephanie:        You have to be disciplined.

Courtney:         Very disciplined, it’s a big key.

Alicia:               Discipline is key.

Courtney:         Yes.

Stephanie:        I am not disciplined.

Alicia:               I am not either, at all.

Courtney:         She is not wearing her Invisalign trays.

Alicia:               I am not wearing my Invisalign trays.

Stephanie:        Shame on you.

Alicia:               Shame on Alicia.

Courtney:         Hi. So, guys, one cool thing I wanted to mention is that I do have braces, they’re clear ceramic braces. So the reason why you would go with this option is if you’re concerned about aesthetics or people noticing your braces. From afar, I bet you guys couldn’t tell I had anything on my teeth. Ooh. I love the floral.

Alicia:               All the things. So cute.

Courtney:         I love that. Alicia styling and profiling per usual.

Alicia:               I’m glad I brought my wallet.

Courtney:         Shop, shop, shop. Here’s Miss Stephanie. Head to toe 104. I try to make her leave her wallet in the car, but it didn’t work.

Stephanie:        Never works. Never fails.

Alicia:               There’s Courtney!

Courtney:         Okay guys, so I need to tell you something really, really important. So I know we talked about the vanity and all the fun parts about braces, but what’s super important is that you take care of your teeth while you’re in orthodontic treatment. So we need to make sure we’re brushing and flossing, especially if we have ceramic braces or metal braces. Another perk to having your clear aligners is because you don’t have to monitor what you eat. You take them out and eat, you brush and floss and put them back in. So it’s a really easy process for you. But overall, make sure you’re taking care of your teeth while you’re in orthodontic treatment.

Alicia:               Say that again, Courtney.

Courtney:         Make sure you take care of your teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Alicia:               That’s right guys.

Courtney:         Bye guys.

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