Can You Eat Ice Cream After A Filling?

eating ice cream after cavity

Cavities are incredibly common. Every year dentists around the country, including here at Lane Associates, fill millions of cavities for adults and children alike. We Americans love our sweet candies and tasty sugary desserts, which means cavities are pretty common! It is likely that you or someone you know has been to the dentist to have a cavity filled, possibly multiple times. Because they are so common, the dentists on our Lane and Associates team get lots of questions about cavities. One of the most common is: can you eat ice cream after getting a cavity filled?

The short answer is: yes, but you should avoid it. Technically you can eat ice cream after getting a filling, but that doesn’t mean that you should! Depending on the type of material used in the filling and the severity of the cavity filled, your teeth may be sensitive for days to a week after the procedure. Extremely hot or cold foods, like ice cream, may cause discomfort due to that increased sensitivity. If you can’t go without that pint of Talenti we understand, but your teeth may get angry with you for it. We recommend avoiding hot or cold foods for a few days after your cavity filling, just to save yourself any potential discomfort.

So then, what kinds of foods should you eat after a cavity filling?

After having a cavity filled, we recommend that you stick to soft, healthy foods for a few days as your mouth gets back to 100%. Try a lukewarm, not hot, vegetable soup to be safe. Alternatively, you can enjoy a cool, not cold, fruit smoothie with ingredients like bananas, strawberries, or blueberries. If you stick to soft, healthy foods that are not super hot or cold, your teeth will thank you! If your tooth sensitivity remains after a week or more, come back and see us at Lane and Associates and let us know. Otherwise, after a few days to a week, you can go back to enjoying that ice cream you crave.


What foods should I avoid after a cavity filling?

As we mentioned above, unfortunately you may want to avoid cold foods like ice cream or hot foods like soup after getting a cavity filled. Stick to soft, healthy foods and your teeth will be thrilled. However, what foods should you actively avoid? We recommend that you avoid hard or sticky foods. Have a bag of Jolly Ranchers that you have been working through? Wait a few days before enjoying those tasty hard candies. You also should avoid chewing gum or eating other sticky foods like taffy for a few days after having your cavity filled. It is also recommended to avoid sugary foods after having a cavity filled. After 2-3 days or a week you can go back to eating whatever you like, and simply enjoy being cavity-free!


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