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Are you looking for a solution to replace one or several missing teeth? If you are located in North Carolina, Lane and Associates Family Dentistry has several cosmetic dentists that specialize in dental bridges.

Dental bridges can be the perfect solution for you to replace any missing teeth, restoring your smile. Lane DDS has offices all over the state of NC that specialize in cosmetic dentistry.

There are several different types of dental bridges that we can provide. Each patient is different and you will need to see one of our specialists to determine which kind of dental bridge is best for you.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

A cantilever dental bridge may be a solution for you if you are missing a tooth located right next to a premolar. This type of bridge uses a strong and healthy tooth next to the gap in your teeth to anchor the false tooth in place.

This kind of dental bridge is referred to as a cantilever bridge because of how it is suspended in place via one anchor tooth. Typical dental bridges use the adjacent tooth on either side of the missing tooth to hold the false tooth in place. The cantilever bridge is used in special situations. Your dentist will determine whether or not you need this type of dental bridge.

Maryland Dental Bridge

A Maryland dental bridge is a solution that you may be able to utilize for a missing tooth. A Maryland dental bridge can be used to replace teeth that cannot be replaced by a traditional dental bridge. This type of bridge is used when adjacent teeth are missing.

If you are located in NC, contact Lane and Associates Family Dentistry for a consultation.

Temporary Dental Bridge

As the name suggests, a temporary bridge is used in place of a permanent bridge. In order to make your permanent bridge look natural, the dentist must obtain a mold of all your teeth to design the dental bridge. This will allow for a perfect and natural appearance of your teeth.

Once the dentist has obtained the mold of your teeth, you will be given a temporary solution to the gap in your smile. The dental bridge must be made in a lab, so you will not receive your permanent bridge on the same day that you visit the dentist for the first time. 

To help you feel better about your smile, the dentist will give you a replacement for your tooth that is held in with temporary cement. Once your permanent bridge is fabricated, you will return to the dentist who will replace the temporary bridge for the permanent one.

Teeth Whitening

Front Teeth Bridges

If you are missing one of your front teeth, a dental bridge could be a replacement solution. Since there is not as much stress on your front teeth as others when chewing and biting down, it may be suitable to have a front tooth bridge.

Your dentist should be the one to determine what type of cosmetic dental procedure that you should receive to replace a front tooth. Visit Lane DDS of North Carolina to consult with one of our cosmetic dentists. We will get you the solution that you need here at Lane Family Dentistry.

Dental Bridge Hygiene

In order to make your dental bridge last for years to come, it is vital that you take excellent care of your teeth. You should brush your new dental bridge as if it were your original tooth. Make sure to also floss and use mouthwash as much as possible to prevent decay and bacteria from remaining in your mouth.

There are several foods that you should also avoid eating with a dental bridge in place. Anything that is too hard or sticky may cause damage to your dental bridge or even cause it to come loose.

Dental Bridge Solution in North Carolina

If you are in need of a cosmetic dental bridge, consult with the Lane DDS team today! Our specialist will take care of your needs and offer you a solution to a missing tooth. If you need a procedure like this done, we have over 30 office locations across North Carolina. Our offices are located in Major cities like Raleigh, Greenville, Cary, Winston-Salem, and many other major locations. Contact us today with any questions you may have about dental bridges using the contact form below.

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