Dental Implants in Durham, NC

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Interested in dental implants and looking for a periodontist or dentist in Durham that offers dental implants and other periodontal services? You’re in the right place! Lane and Associates Family Dentistry is Durham’s premier provider of dental implants and periodontal services. We have periodontists on staff who have years of experience installing dental implants and helping patients to craft their perfect smile.

Dental implants can be a great option for people who are missing one or more teeth due to injury, decay, or other life circumstance. Many people also choose dental implants because they find that dentures pop or click when chewing, or prevent them from eating certain types of food. For many of our patients, dental implants are the key to achieving their desired smile. We can help you craft your perfect smile today, contact us at 919.286.6646 or request an appointment online to speak with a Lane team member in Durham today about your options! We can’t wait to serve you, and welcome you into the Lane family.



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How do dental implants feel?

Implants feel virtually like your normal, natural teeth. However, since they are artificial they have little to no sensation, which means they feel a bit different than your normal teeth. Often, they can be cleaned and flossed just like normal teeth. If you had dentures or dental bridges in the past, you will find that dental implants feel much better, and more like real teeth, than those other dental alternatives.

How long do dental implants last?

If properly maintained and cared for, a dental implant screw can last for a very long time. Sometimes the screw portion can last the rest of your life. The crown, or top of the implant, is subject to normal wear and tear just like your normal teeth. Therefore, they may require periodic maintenance. If you are concerned about the wear on your dental implants, you can always speak to one of our Lane and Associates Durham team members and we can examine them for you.


Dental Implant Consultation in Durham, NC

Think dental implants are right for you? That’s great! Our Durham dentists and periodontists are standing by and ready to help you achieve your perfect smile. Call our team today at 919.286.6646 or request an appointment here online. We look forward to seeing you soon!