Do Teeth Shift After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Many patients ask if their teeth will shift after wisdom teeth removal. This question must be reviewed on a case by case basis as you will see.

If your wisdom teeth are impacted (that is, they’re growing in at an angle and pressing against other teeth), then removing them can prevent your other teeth from shifting out of place. However, if your wisdom teeth are not impacting other teeth, their removal is unlikely to cause your teeth to shift.

Do Teeth Shift if You Don’t Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As previously mentioned, your teeth can shift as a result of an impacted wisdom tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth is what occurs when one of your wisdom teeth is growing under your gums at an angle rather than straight up and out of your gums.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is left untreated, it can cause the tooth to grow into another molar and push the teeth out of position. This can also be quite painful.

Wisdom teeth that are not impacted generally don’t cause problems and don’t need to be removed. However, if you have wisdom teeth that are coming in and causing crowding, your dentist may recommend removing them to prevent your teeth from shifting.

Should You Get Braces Before or After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Patients want to know whether or not wisdom teeth will shift their teeth. A large reason for this is understanding when they should get braces or have Invisalign treatment before or after removing their wisdom teeth?

Many times it depends on your individual situation when you should have your wisdom teeth taken out. You should consult with your dentist who can help you understand the best timing for braces or Invisalign treatment in your case.

In general, if your wisdom teeth are impacting other teeth, it is best to remove them and then have orthodontic treatment. If your wisdom teeth are not impacting other teeth, it is generally ok to have alignment treatment done at any time. Once again, consult your dentist about the right time to get braces or Invisalign concerning your wisdom teeth.

When Should Your Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

When you should have your wisdom teeth removed really depends on your individual situation. Some patients may need to have their wisdom teeth removed as early as age 16, while others may not need them removed until they’re in their 20s or 30s.

In general, the earlier you have your wisdom teeth removed, the better. This is because it’s easier to recover from surgery and there’s less risk of damaging other teeth when the roots are not fully developed.

If you’re experiencing pain or crowding from your wisdom teeth, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss whether or not removal is necessary.

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