Opioid-Free Alternative to Pain Meds after Oral Surgery

Have you ever asked the question, “Is there an alternate pain medication option for me after Oral Surgery?” Well, now there is!

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is proud to introduce EXPAREL, a non-habit forming pain management option for patients undergoing Oral Surgery procedures such as Wisdom Teeth Removal, Teeth extractions, or Dental Implants.

This one time dose is administered during Oral Surgery and provides long-lasting pain relief. Thereby reducing your need or completely eliminating your need for opioid-containing pain meds.

If you are considering having oral surgery, we encourage you to speak with your dentist to learn about how our new postsurgical pain management program might be right for you. Click here for a Discussion Guide that can help you and your dentist set realistic expectations about what your recovery experience may be like.

Read more about EXPAREL benefits, how this non-habit forming alternative works & watch the video below to learn more!

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Lane & Associates Offers Novel Approach to Treating Postsurgical Pain With Non-Opioid Options

At Lane & Associates, we strive to provide patients with a comfortable recovery after surgery, and offering the latest, cutting-edge advances in pain management helps us achieve our goal.
Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is one of the first Dentists in North Carolina to adopt a novel approach to treating pain after surgery that may help patients reduce or even avoid taking narcotic pain medicines, which can cause drowsiness, nausea, and other, often serious, side effects.

As part of this novel approach, doctors at Lane & Associates are treating patients with EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension), a long-acting, non-narcotic numbing medication that is applied directly at the surgical site. Patients receive EXPAREL during surgery and, as a result, are less likely to need narcotic pain medicines after.*

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Help us in the fight against Opioid addiction and find out more about your pain management alternatives for Oral Surgery at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry. Now offering over 30+ locations throughout North Carolina, Lane & Associates has a dental office that offers EXPAREL near you! Please visit our locations page to find the nearest office.

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If you would like to learn more about EXPAREL please visit www.EXPAREL.com/Patient or call us today at 877-LANE-DDS.