Hayden Expanding Floss Unboxing and Review!

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Read the full transcript here:

Stephanie: Hi everyone. We are back and so excited!

Alicia: I know!

Stephanie: It’s been a while.

Alicia: I know, we’re back together, guys. Do you miss us?

Stephanie: We miss you guys.

Alicia: We miss you.

Stephanie: We absolutely miss you guys. So today we want to talk about everyone’s favorite dental thing, right?

Alicia: Yes.

Stephanie: Maybe, maybe.

Alicia: It should be your favorite dental thing.

Stephanie: It should be your favorite thing. We’re talking about dental floss.

Alicia: Dental floss.

Stephanie: So I know that for me, my hygienist Robin always says, “Do you floss? Have you flossed?” And I’m like, “Yes, I flossed. The day before I came to see you.” So there are so many products out there that cater to flossing. There’s electric, there’s what we’re going to talk about today. I’m super-excited.

Alicia: Yes, there’s subscription-based flossing, so.

Stephanie: Flavored floss.

Alicia: Yeah. There are all different types of floss. But this floss is particularly special because it is expanding floss, guys.

Stephanie: Mind blown.

Alicia: I know, right? Expanding floss. So for the people with very tight spaces, the floss actually expands to fit those tight spaces in between your teeth to give you a more efficient floss.

Stephanie: And if you have a larger area, it expands a little bit for those people as well.

Alicia: Yes, exactly.

Stephanie: So it works perfectly for …

Alicia: Both ways.

Stephanie: … all our mouths.

Alicia: Yes. All mouths. All teeth. Everything.

Stephanie: So the product is called Hayden, and you can find this on their website, on hayden.com.

Alicia: And we’ll also put it on here for you guys.

Stephanie: Absolutely. So ultra-gentle for cloud-like comfort. So do you want to try it?

Alicia: Yes. I hope it’s fluffy. It’s fluffy floss.

Stephanie: I’m not sure about how I feel about fluffy floss.


I want fluffy floss.

Stephanie: So it comes in a cute little package. You can get two of these on their website for about $8. So it’s very affordable.

Alicia: All right. Cost-efficient.

Stephanie: Very cost-efficient. I think these are awesome for like little gift bags, or stockings …

Alicia: That’s true.

Stephanie: … or any just little fun things. In a little purple box is this.

Alicia: Oh, I thought it was going to be purple for some reason.

Stephanie: I did too. It’s not. It’s got this little blue, like gel, like …

Alicia: Oh, let me feel it.

Stephanie: I wonder what that is.

Alicia: I don’t know what that is.

Stephanie: Interesting.

Alicia: Maybe it’s like a grip.

Stephanie: Yes, that could be a grip. All right. You go first.

Alicia: I can do it. We have a problem with this. There we go.

Stephanie: Does it feel different?

Alicia: No, it feels like traditional floss at first.

Stephanie: It does.

Alicia: It’s minty smelling.

Stephanie: So if you do you look, it looks a little like … See right there, you can kind of see these little like pockets.

Alicia: Yes, you can.

Stephanie: It’s almost like a wave, a floss wave. I know you guys can’t see it.

Alicia: Yes. It’s not very flat though like traditional floss is.

Stephanie: So should we be gross and try this?

Alicia: Yeah, we have to.

Stephanie: All right, okay.

Alicia: We have to try it. Let’s see.

Stephanie: It tastes really good, wow.

Alicia: It does taste good. Good thing my teeth are not dirty.

Stephanie: I know. I’m not going to admit if mine are because nobody can see it. So you’re really supposed to get in there. Like you can’t … If you just … For flossing, you have to kind of get in and rub the floss around and get on all sides of your teeth. Now I’m assuming this is where …

Alicia: It starts to …

Stephanie: … the expansion happens.

Alicia: There are like little pockets coming.

Stephanie: I don’t know if you guys can see that, but it almost looks like cocoons have formed …

Alicia: They are.

Stephanie: … on the floss. Very cool.

Alicia: Wow. So now the floss is going to have like bubbles all down it because … See how puffy it is?

Stephanie: Very cool.

Alicia: You guys can see that for sure.

Stephanie: That’s very cool.

Alicia: That’s cool.

Stephanie: That seems very nice. I love them. It’s very minty. It’s a good …

Alicia: I know. It tastes good.

Stephanie: It’s a really good minty.

Alicia: Ooh, it feels really good too. I’m doing my back teeth.

Stephanie: Oh, look how it’s like puffing up. That’s a lot of fun. Fun with floss. Who’d have thought?

Alicia: Fun with floss.

Stephanie: It’s an amazing product. I think it’s super fun. For kids who don’t like to floss, this might give them some … I mean you saw how much fun we just had doing it.

Alicia: I know. Exactly. Be like, “Floss.”

Stephanie: Give them this, and be like, “Here, go expand somewhere in the bathroom.”

Alicia: “Go somewhere. Here, have fun with this.”

Stephanie: But promotes good hygiene for those who maybe have trouble remembering to floss or think it’s boring. So very cool.

Alicia: So thanks, Hayden, for creating something …

Stephanie: Thank you, Hayden.

Alicia: … very cool and fun.

Stephanie: Very awesome. I like it.

Alicia: Yes.

Stephanie: Right. Thumbs up?

Alicia: Thumbs up. Thumbs up, guys. All right. So make sure you guys check out the link in our description below, and like, subscribe, and hit that notification bell. We will see you next time. Bye.

Stephanie: Bye.


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