How long do Veneers Last?

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The question of how long veneers last is dependent on several factors. As you will see in this article, some of the most common questions that are asked about the longevity of cosmetic veneers are answered by Dr. DesRosiers of Lane Family Dentistry. 

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In this analysis, Dr. DesRosiers will cover topics that will answer all the questions you need to know if you are considering having a procedure done. Many patients are worried about the longevity of veneers and whether or not they are worth it. As you will see below, Dr. DesRosiers is an expert on dental veneers. He will tell you how long veneers will last and how to properly take care of them so they will make it in the long run.

Do veneers last forever?

Many of those who come to our offices for veneer procedures often wonder if they will last forever. While it is difficult to say whether or not your veneers will last forever is up to you. Dr. DesRosiers explains several scenarios which could cause damage to your veneers.

“It’s a really tough question if veneers last forever, just like anything else that you put into your mouth, any kind of restoration, it really depends on how you care for them, how they were prepared in the first place, what they’re made out of, and anything else that happens in your life. So there are certain things that can happen to veneers, you can get decay underneath them, which would cause them to need to be replaced. Certainly, any kind of a traumatic event that could crack your normal teeth or something, could need to be replaced. But when we plan on putting them in, we really plan on having them be there forever. But sometimes there are situations where they will need to be replaced in time.”

Do veneers last longer than crowns?

What if you are one of those considering veneers over crowns? Many of our patients often ask about the difference in longevity between veneers and crowns. These two different procedures are often compared because of differences in how they are both applied. Here is Dr. DesRosiers’ opinion on the matter.

“I wouldn’t say that there’s any difference in the length of time that veneers and crowns last, they really are made out of the same material. The difference really is in the preparation of the tooth, where a crown is a full-coverage restoration, so it covers all the different surfaces of the tooth, the veneers are really more cosmetic and just cover the apparent surfaces, the visible surfaces. But they really are made of the same material and bonded to the tooth is basically the same exact way. So the lifespan of them is really quite similar.”

What Kind of veneers lasts the longest?

“The porcelain type veneers are certainly the longest-lasting, it’s the material that most kind of closely approximates natural tooth structure. The way that they’re prepared and bonded into place, they tend to be by far the longest lasting. The composite veneers or resin veneers are okay, but they typically aren’t kind of meant to be long-term. They do well in some situations, but usually, the porcelain veneers are your best bet for longevity.”

How long do veneers last on the front teeth?

Dr. DesRosiers explains the difference in the longevity of veneers based on where they are placed. Although veneers typically last the same amount of time no matter where they are placed in your mouth, you typically would only have veneers placed on your front teeth.

“Veneers traditionally are only done in the cosmetic zone, so they’re primarily only done on the front teeth. You could theoretically do veneers on the back teeth, but typically those restorations tend to be more full coverage crowns on those teeth. So when you typically think of veneers, they’re on interior front teeth.”

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How to make veneers last longer?

As any dentist would suggest, the number one way to have your veneers last longer is to take care of them! Dr. DesRosiers tells us about some habits that can cause damage to your veneers and what you should avoid in order to keep them in tip-top shape.

“The best way to make sure that veneers last a long time is to certainly keep up with hygiene appointments, and make sure to be really diligent about wearing any kind of retainers or night guards that your dentist might prescribe. If you have any habits of bruxism or have had previous orthodontics where things might tend to drift and need to be retained. So basically just doing that general maintenance will help to maintain, and also kind of keeping track of diet, and not eating a lot of sticky and sugary things will absolutely help to keep them looking better and lasting longer.”

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If you would like to learn more about veneers and cosmetic dentistry, visit our education center page on the subject. We have had several Lane dentists answer the most commonly asked questions about cosmetic dentistry and posted them on these pages.

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