RECAP America’s Dental Meeting (ADA) Honolulu – 2018

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Stephanie:        Hey, everybody.

Alicia:               Hi.

Stephanie:        We’re back. So for the past year, Alicia and I have been doing some really fun traveling.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        We have gotten to go to many fun places that we are excited to tell you about. One of the places we went to last year was Hawaii.

Alicia:               Ooh.

Stephanie:        Though I’d like to say it was just to have fun in the sun, we were actually there to learn. We went and attended the ADA Conference. What’s the ADA conference, Alicia?

Alicia:               So, the ADA conference is the American Dental Association Conference. There are just tons of dental enthusiasts, dentists, dental students, dental everyone.

Stephanie:        Everything.

Alicia:               Everybody’s there. You see everybody from clinical, to more business, to fun, just people wanting to know more about the dental world.

Stephanie:        Exactly.

Alicia:               So, it was awesome to see that.

Stephanie:        It was. And plus, it was in Hawaii. So-

Alicia:               It was in Hawaii. Really fun, really fun.

Stephanie:        So we want to show you what we brought back from the ADA, all the new things that are out there, things that you want to know about, things you want to see, things you want to just look at. I’m a tchotchke lover, so not only do we get-

Alicia:               She is.

Stephanie:        All the cool things about dental-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        We also got every pen, every cup-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        And coozy that was out there. So, all right, here we go. This is just part of our loot we brought back-

Stephanie:        From the ADA.

Stephanie:        We brought back …

Stephanie:        And this adorable, ruby bag from Patient Hub.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Ding ding. We use this in all of our offices.

Alicia:               Oh my goodness. All of the things.

Stephanie:        All the things. I just love stuff.

Alicia:               It’s so much stuff.

Stephanie:        It’s like a dental stocking at Christmas. I love stockings. They’re so fun.

Alicia:               Oh Hey.

Stephanie:        Hi.

Alicia:               I forgot we were recording.

Stephanie:        So yeah, I love tchotchkes enough to bring back four pool noodles in our luggage from the ADA.

Alicia:               I know, CareCredit.

Stephanie:        CareCredit.

Alicia:               These were amazing and they’re really fun.

Stephanie:        They are. If you guys don’t know about CareCredit, CareCredit can be used at dental offices.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Vets. I know they … for all different kinds of medical things. Yeah, they’re awesome. They had a really fun booth.

Alicia:               So check out CareCredit guys.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Moving on.

Alicia:               Moving on to more stuff.

Stephanie:        I’m wearing one of the sample gloves that I received.

Alicia:               She’s sporting one of the sample gloves guys.

Stephanie:        I kind of feel a little Michael Jackson like. I don’t know, a little weird. I might take this off, but for now I’ll leave it on.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        So what should we talk about first? Let’s see.

Alicia:               All of these things guys, I’m just super … we just want to try all the little things, make sure we mention it, put a little bug in you guys’ ear on what we picked up, just some of the really cool things that we picked up.

Stephanie:        Some. This is limited here.

Alicia:               Very limited.

Stephanie:        So let’s … we’re going to start here. Okay, I’m taking off the gloves. All right, so this just looked cool. It says, it’s the better toothbrush. I wonder how they determined that they are the better toothbrush. But I thought it was cool. It looks a little different, and if you look closely at the head, it’s very wide. So I pre-opened this so we could spare you the five minute opening process. You know how we don’t do that very well-

Alicia:               We don’t do that very well at all.

Stephanie:        So this is a very lightweight … very lightweight. Here, pick it up.

Alicia:               It’s very … oh.

Stephanie:        Super, like [crosstalk 00:03:42]

Alicia:               It’s very, very lightweight.

Stephanie:        Lightweight. The bristles are soft. I’m just going to have to go in and do the [inaudible 00:03:48].

Alicia:               She has to. She has to. Now, is it the better brush?

Stephanie:        It is a good brush.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        I do feel like it gets around all of your teeth. I like my bristles a little bit firmer-

Alicia:               firmer.

Stephanie:        Than this, but, I will have to say, if you like a soft brush I feel like this would be a good travel brush.

Alicia:               Yeah.

Stephanie:        It’s nothing that’s going to be bulky when you travel.

Alicia:               It seems like this would be a really good toothbrush for people-

Stephanie:        It massages your gums.

Alicia:               Oh, good.

Stephanie:        So that’s really nice.

Alicia:               So anybody probably in orthodontic treatment, this will probably be the brush for you to really get around those brackets.

Stephanie:        Yeah. And it says here that it massages your gums and cheeks at the same time, without having to do the push and pull movement that you normally do.

Alicia:               Ah.

Stephanie:        So if you’re a lazy …

Alicia:               Brusher.

Stephanie:        Brusher.

Alicia:               Like me, that’s for you.

Stephanie:        You’re a lazy brusher?

Alicia:               I’m a lazy brusher.

Stephanie:        Ah, that’s surprising.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        So anyway, that’s a cool one, and something I’d never seen before, in the store or out. So Worldwide is the brand, and it’s called the Better Toothbrush.

Alicia:               Better Toothbrush. All right.

Stephanie:        All right. What’s next?

Alicia:               What’s next?

Stephanie:        Okay. Let’s talk about the most fun thing.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               Stuff.

Stephanie:        So this is for all those lines on your face that you want to get rid of. A lot of people do Botox. People actually do Botox at the dentist office now.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        It’s an upcoming trend. I’m not scared to try it-

Alicia:               Yeah.

Stephanie:        If any of ours want to do it. I’ll be your guinea pig. But, for those of you who don’t like Botox or don’t want to try Botox, this might be your first step. It comes with a cool-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Syringe type of thing, kind of mimicking the whole Botox feature. You literally pop off the top and I think you just … here we go … try to do something. I can’t … Test your product-

Alicia:               This is our first time testing this, if you guys didn’t know, so you get to see it first, the exclusive.

Stephanie:        Oh, there’s instructions on the bottom: open, close, push open. Push the bottom, and then you can squeeze it and get your lotion and put it on those areas. And you should … we tested it-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        With a guy, and we did it on half of my face. Alicia has the footage.

Alicia:               I will insert the footage of Stephanie getting it done. It’s really cool you guys. So you’ll see her before and after.

Stephanie:        But it was really cool.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        It really firmed my face up.

Alicia:               It did.

Stephanie:        And you definitely feel it when you smile, and you could definitely see the area.

Alicia:               It was tight. It tightened. It’s super visible and you can tell it really works.

Stephanie:        I am all for embracing laugh lines and embracing wrinkles, but for those of you … who don’t want to, you don’t have to. This is a great product. I’m super excited to try it. We’re going to give it to a few people. Let them try it as well.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        We’ll let you know what we think more about it. And then this is just a cleanser they gave us to try, and I mean I just want to let the bottle sit on my counter.

Alicia:               Yes. So pretty.

Stephanie:        So pretty. I love it. So, very cool. Again, very sleek-

Alicia:               Really sleek-

Stephanie:        And modern.

Alicia:               Cute cup, so that will be cute. And let’s just touch on the kids items guys.

Stephanie:        Yes. Oh my gosh.

Alicia:               So they had the cutest kids toothbrushes-

Stephanie:        Can you get any cuter?

Alicia:               Kid toothpaste, just different characters, all new fun colors and all the things, all the new things. So it’s really … they had some really cute stuff on the market for kids right now.

Stephanie:        This was super cool. I have a kid in braces and I thought this was awesome. I would definitely put this in … you know the stocking thing-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        It must be because it’s getting close to Christmas. Not really, but you know.

Alicia:               It’s almost Christmas.

Stephanie:        Almost Christmas. Only a 150 days left-

Alicia:               Days left. I know.

Stephanie:        So this is an oral … it says oral in one. And actually this is the Worldwide brand, which also-

Alicia:               Oh, the same as the better toothbrush.

Stephanie:        So they have some really cool products. I’m really interested to go back and see what else they have.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        So this little device does all the things. If your kid is going to camp and you don’t want to send them with a hundred … Oh my gosh, I never can open anything. It’s ridiculous. Don’t do this at home.

Alicia:               Don’t do it.

Stephanie:        So this little thing, if you have kids in braces or even … This is a flosser. So it’s a double flosser. So it gets in those braces really good. It has the little pick, and it’s like a little multi tool-

Alicia:               Oh.

Stephanie:        And then it has the little tiny brush for you to-

Alicia:               Brush flosser.

Stephanie:        Get in to clean your braces. So this is an awesome tool to send with your kids. Put it in your purse. It even comes with an adorable little case-

Alicia:               Carrying case.

Stephanie:        You know I like things that are kitschy and …

Alicia:               That’s cute.

Stephanie:        So it doesn’t get dirty.

Alicia:               That’s really cute.

Stephanie:        Stays in your case. Stick a couple of these in camp bag and your kid is good to go. Very cool.

Alicia:               All right, super cool.

Stephanie:        This one I’m only going to talk about for a second, because I want to do some more research on it, but it really intrigues me. So this is a toothpaste that has silver in it, and they do something with coral, so … I mean obviously. Coral Nano Silver, so I think there’s some health benefits to using silver in things. They claim that it is the best toothpaste you will ever use, so stay tuned.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        We’re going to test that theory.

Alicia:               We’re going to test this for you guys.

Stephanie:        And see what happens. So that is Coral Nano Silver, so look for that coming up in another episode.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Anything else, Alicia?

Alicia:               Well-

Stephanie:        I feel like we’ve talked about a lot of things.

Alicia:               We’ve covered a lot, and of course you guys saw some really cool footage of our ADA experiences. So for all of our dental enthusiasts out there watching, make sure you attend the ADA, it is an awesome experience that you don’t want to miss.

Stephanie:        It’s going to be in San Francisco in just a few weeks in September, and I will be going. I’m not going with Alicia so I’m super sad. I’m going to miss her, but I will try to do her justice-

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        And bring back a lot more things.

Alicia:               So hopefully we can convince Stephanie to get us some footage.

Stephanie:        I’m going to do it. I’m on it.

Alicia:               She’s going to do it. She’s on it guys. But make sure you guys like, subscribe, and click that notification bell. We will see you next time. Bye.

Stephanie:        Bye.


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