UNBOXING + REVIEW of CREST 3D White – Whitening Therapy!

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Read the full transcript here:

Stephanie:        Hi everyone.

Alicia:               Hi guys.

Stephanie:        So we are here today to make your life a little easier. So when you go to this store and you see all of the new flavors of toothpaste and the essential oils and the smells and the colors, and you don’t know which one to try, today, we’re going to try them for you and let you know what we like and hopefully that’ll make you make an informed decision when you pick the one that you want to try.

Alicia:               Yes, exactly.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               So where do we even start? Right?

Stephanie:        I don’t know. Everything is so colorful.

Alicia:               I know.

Stephanie:        This is the Crest line. Crest has lots of different toothpastes. They’ve been around for a really long time, but right now out there they have their charcoal, a coconut oil, soothing mineral, spearmint oil, fortified mineral, and gum sensitivity. And this is the 3D White, which is one of my favorites that I use. It’s been out for a little bit. And then, of course, they have kid lines, and we could go on for hours about all the things they have-

Stephanie:        All the things…

Alicia:               These are the ones that we saw that were out there that were new.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               And they had pretty colors and the boxes were pretty, so we thought we would start with those.

Stephanie:        Yes. And you guys saw this, right? In our Target blog.

Alicia:               Right?

Stephanie:        You guys saw us haul all of these items, and I know you’ve been waiting for this video. It’s finally here.

Alicia:               Okay, Let’s try, I don’t know why. Let’s just start. We’ll just start from this end.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               And go that way.

Stephanie:        Let’s do that.

Alicia:               So here it is opened. Again, it’s just very sleek and it’s also the 3D White. So all of these are the same as this with different flavors, I guess you’d say.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Different benefits.

Stephanie:        Different variations of the 3D White. So let’s see the difference. Let’s see what it does.

Alicia:               This one specifically says deep clean.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               And it’s really cool. It’s actually black and white. It’s like a skunk.

Stephanie:        So, try a little bit on my toothbrush.

Alicia:               Let’s try a little bit of that.

Stephanie:        Put a little on yours.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        All right.

Alicia:               Let’s see.

Stephanie:        It’s very minty. And unlike other charcoal toothbrushes, it doesn’t… Are you black?

Alicia:               No.

Stephanie:        Me neither. So-

Alicia:               It’s not black.

Stephanie:        It doesn’t turn your teeth black right away.

Alicia:               It’s like that perfect mixture of like both.

Stephanie:        Very good.

Alicia:               Good. I like that it makes you feel like you’re really getting a deep clean right now. So.

Stephanie:        I would say that the deep clean is accurate. Dip and rinse, dip and rinse.

Alicia:               Dip and rinse.

Stephanie:        All right, so next, I don’t know why this one’s the most I’m excited to try.

Alicia:               Oh, the coconut oil.

Stephanie:        It’s coconut oil. And this one specifically, whitening therapy. All of them are whitening therapy.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        And this one is gentle care.

Alicia:               All right.

Stephanie:        So, I don’t want to… What makes this one different? This one is white. It’s very thick.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        It’s thick toothpaste.

Alicia:               Oh, it is. It does have a thick consistency.

Stephanie:        So, oh and I have too much. Big old chunk on mine.

Alicia:               Oh, I know. It has like a little tint to it as well. Little tint and color.

Stephanie:        Oh, it smells really good.

Alicia:               Oh my goodness.

Stephanie:        Ohh-

Alicia:               It smells like ice cream.

Stephanie:        It does smell like ice cream.

Alicia:               Oh my goodness.

Stephanie:        Okay, I’m going to go all in here. I’ll go.

Alicia:               Yeah. Oh.

Stephanie:        Oh.

Alicia:               Wow.

Stephanie:        That’s really nice.

Alicia:               That’s a very gentle. Oh my goodness.

Stephanie:        Okay. Time out. I have to go spit.

Alicia:               It’s…This is so…Yes.

Stephanie:        You just want to…It’s real…Yeah, I put too much toothpaste on.

Alicia:               Wow, I’m in love with this.

Stephanie:        Thank you for letting us pause for a moment. This one is very foamy.

Alicia:               It is very foamy.

Stephanie:        It does have a minty taste, but it also has a really like not, I wouldn’t say super sweet.

Stephanie:        Oh, this a really just hard flavor to describe because it’s almost like you’re smelling it and you’re like associating your like taste with the smell because it smells like ice cream. So-

Alicia:               It’s really good.

Stephanie:        It really-

Alicia:               I don’t want to say it reminds me of suntan lotion. You know how when you put suntan lotion on you can have that smell?

Stephanie:        Smell, yeah.

Alicia:               It’s like… It’s very nice. I like it. Cool.

Stephanie:        It is very nice. I like that one.

Alicia:               Me too. All right, next in line. With the whitening therapy, again, this is sensitive whitening.

Stephanie:        Right.

Alicia:               So this could be like your Pronamel or your Sensodyne. A replacement for that if you wanted to try something new. I know my husband has sensitive teeth, so we always get one of those for him, so. Ooh.

Stephanie:        That one. Mmm.

Alicia:               These are also different. This is really fun.

Stephanie:        Wow, they’re all different.

Alicia:               They’re very different.

Stephanie:        You can see when they even come out, like the consistency of each toothpaste is completely different.

Alicia:               Okay.

Stephanie:        Oh wow.

Alicia:               So this one has a minty, but it’s a weird minty. It’s like-

Stephanie:        What is it? Oh, now it’s going to kill me to figure it out.

Alicia:               It smells like a bubble gum that I… Not a bubble gum, like a gum that I’ve tried.

Stephanie:        Yeah it does.

Alicia:               Like a Trident. There’s something. Okay.

Stephanie:        It’s something different.

Alicia:               Oh it’s very, very cool.

Stephanie:        Oh it’s thick. It’s a thick one.

Alicia:               Huh. So this one… I got foam all over the place.

Stephanie:        Wow, it’s foamy too.

Alicia:               It’s very subtle. It’s not strong. It smelled stronger than it tastes.

Stephanie:        Yeah.

Alicia:               Well this one says it right on the thing. Spearmint oil.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Like I think we know what this one’s going to taste like.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Let’s see if we’re right. You want to do the honors this time?

Stephanie:        Yes. Let’s see.

Alicia:               You do it. You try.

Stephanie:        Okay.

Alicia:               Again, I think it’s that very thick consistency.

Stephanie:        It’s very thick as well.

Alicia:               I liked it. I do like that in a toothpaste and one of the reasons why it is my biggest pet peeve if you leave the top open on your toothpaste and you throw it in your drawer. My kids do that and it-

Stephanie:        Oozes.

Alicia:               If it’s really thin, it just oozes out. And you have to take the drawer. Oh.

Stephanie:        Too much work. So much work.

Alicia:               So I like a thick toothpaste. Smells like spearmint.

Stephanie:        Yes, very spearmint. It’s very strong.

Alicia:               Wow. It’s very strong. This one’s got a little tingling. A little tingly.

Stephanie:        Oh, I’m spitting. We’re spitting everywhere.

Alicia:               Okay, so spearmint.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               And this one says breath care, which makes sense.

Stephanie:        That makes sense.

Alicia:               This one is very strong.

Stephanie:        Very strong.

Alicia:               It does taste like if you get spearmint gum.

Stephanie:        Gum, yes.

Alicia:               And it’s got a little bit of that spicy bite to it.

Stephanie:        The bite to it. It does have that. So you can definitely tell it’s for breath care because I feel like the difference in toothpaste there is you can feel it like all around your mouth.

Alicia:               Agreed.

Stephanie:        Compared to just like focusing on your teeth, you can feel it everywhere.

Alicia:               Everywhere.

Stephanie:        So-

Alicia:               So if you like a minty toothpaste.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               This would be a good one for you.

Stephanie:        Very good. Okay.

Alicia:               It’s-

Stephanie:        Yeah, I know.

Alicia:               I can still feel that one.

Stephanie:        You can feel the tingle still.

Alicia:               All right. You want to talk about this one?

Stephanie:        It’s going to be fortified minerals. So this one’s enamel care. So I’m guessing this one’s more for like on the whitening side just to make sure your enamel’s okay. So let’s see what the-

Alicia:               If you eat a lot of acidic or, excuse me, drink a lot of acidic or eat a lot of acidic foods.

Stephanie:        Strengthening.

Alicia:               This would be that one to try.

Stephanie:        Yes. And that’s for me because I love orange juice. So I would definitely need the enamel care. Let’s see. Okay, so that one-

Alicia:               This one feels a little bit softer.

Stephanie:        It’s a little softer.

Alicia:               This one is definitely fortifying something.

Stephanie:        Yes. It is.

Alicia:               It is-

Stephanie:        I’m telling you-

Alicia:               Spicy.

Stephanie:        It’s spicy. It’s strong.

Alicia:               It stays on your tongue.

Stephanie:        It does.

Alicia:               Like my tongue is happy and burning.

Stephanie:        And fizzy and spicy.

Alicia:               Not in a bad way. I mean if you like a strong toothpaste this is for you.

Stephanie:        This is for you.

Alicia:               So the fortifying mineral.-

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               Would be the one for you. It’s stronger than any of the other ones we tried.

Stephanie:        I know. I know my fiance thinks that because the toothpaste is strong it works better. So he would love this like absolutely.

Alicia:               It’s very, very good. Very, very strong.

Stephanie:        And then lastly-

Alicia:               This one, gum and sensitivity.

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               So this is not part of their… They actually call this line the fortified mineral. No, they call them whitening. Blah, blah, blah. Okay. They call this one the 3D Whitening Therapy Collection.

Stephanie:        Collection.

Alicia:               So these here are all part of that collection. But we did want to bring this one out too. So this is the gum and sensitivity toothpaste. It is probably the apples to apples comparison to Pronamel or Sensodyne.

Stephanie:        Exactly. Yes.

Alicia:               So we’re not going to taste this one because we are still enjoying the-

Stephanie:        The after of the fortifying mineral.

Alicia:               Of the fortifying mineral. You can tell this is softer toothpaste. I’ve actually used it before. It’s very similar to a regular Crest type of toothpaste but this is a good option for those out there.

Stephanie:        And this is kind of like your standard sensitivity toothpaste. It’s awesome. I know for me because I have really sensitive teeth and it works. It’s super soothing on my gums. So if you need something for sensitive teeth, make sure you check that out as well.

Alicia:               Yes, absolutely. And then if you want to try something new-

Stephanie:        Yes.

Alicia:               You go with one of the therapy lines.

Stephanie:        Options.

Alicia:               Yes.

Stephanie:        Exactly. Okay guys. Well I think Crest, this was an awesome experience.

Alicia:               Absolutely.

Stephanie:        Thank you guys for creating these amazing toothpaste flavors.

Alicia:               They made it for everyone.

Stephanie:        Something for everyone and every formula you can tell is different. Like it’s awesome.

Alicia:               It is very cool.

Stephanie:        It’s an awesome, different experience with each toothpaste. So check out all of their products. They have some really cool things coming and we have some things coming to show you from Crest as well.

Alicia:               Awesome.

Stephanie:        So, we’ll see you next time. Make sure you guys like. Subscribe. Like subscribe. And we’ll see you next time. Bye.

Alicia:               Bye.


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