General Dentist and Specialist Jobs at Lane & Associates


Lane & Associates Family Dentistry located in North Carolina is seeking General Dentists and Specialists who have compassion and empathy to give patients the care they need. The General Dentist or Specialist that joins our team will be responsible for performing dental examinations and treatment in a collaborative, patient-centric practice environment. Continuing education and leadership development opportunities are available and encouraged for this role. Excellent communication skills are required to maintain our group’s mission of providing the highest quality of patient service and asserting our position as a provider of choice in the communities we serve. We have a great team of experienced clinical and administrative staff in place, just looking for the missing puzzle piece. At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, we love to make you smile! Join us today!

Job Duties

  • Examine, diagnose, prescribe, and carry out (or direct others in carrying out) oral health care services that are in the best interest of the patient
  • Contribute towards a team-oriented and collegiate environment by working with other clinical and non-clinical staff members as necessary
  • Uphold the policy, protocol, and procedures that are in compliance with the most current accepted professional standards
  • Improving your clinical skills and acumen through participation in continuing education and training opportunities (continuing education support is available)
  • Participate in various community outreach initiatives as necessary


  • Accredited U.S. Dental Programs(DDS/DMD) with appropriate CEU Certifications
  • Current state license must be held in good standing.
  • A desire to uphold our motto and always help our patients smile


We have over 40 office locations throughout North Carolina so you can find a position near you!

We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, as well as a great culture to work in.

An Equal Opportunity Employment Employer.