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New Dental Office in Middlesex, NC!

Our Middlesex Dental Office

We are so excited to announce that LAA is now open at our new location in  Middlesex, NC! Our team in Middlesex will begin seeing patients on September 29th and is accepting appointments online.

Our Middlesex Team

We are also excited that Dr. Matthew Smith and Dr. Matt Miller will begin seeing patients at this newly renovated location Monday through Friday and they are thrilled to join the Middlesex community. Our Middlesex Office Manager, dental assistants, and front desk staff are all ready to meet you!

Why Choose Us?

Our Lane & Associates Middlesex dentists are offering all of our amazing services that are available at every Lane and Associates location. In addition to these services, our Middlesex patients will also have access to a beautifully renovated office with new flooring, paint, and features such as our Beverage stations with coffee, tea, soda, and water bottles. Furthermore, we have updated our lobby along with TVs in every operatory allowing patients customized entertainment during their treatment.

At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, our motto is ‘We love to make you smile!” and we hope that the patients in Middlesex are excited to join our dental family and join our smiling Middlesex staff! We can’t wait to meet you!

For more information about our Middlesex location, visit our location page, or request an appointment here!

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