Wisdom Teeth Removal in Cary, NC

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Ever wonder why those teeth in the back of your mouth, your third molars, are called ‘wisdom teeth’? Well, if you are an adult you likely remember having your wisdom teeth removed or examined during your teen years or early 20’s. These years are the ones most people associate with (theoretically) getting wiser, hence the name! Here at Lane and Associates Family Dentistry in Cary, we have decades of experience helping teens and families with wisdom teeth removal. If you are an individual in Cary, or a parent of children, looking for a dentist in Cary that removes wisdom teeth, you are in the right place!

Our Lane and Associates team is passionate about ensuring that you or your children are educated and comfortable with the wisdom teeth removal process. We want to take the dread out of going to the dentist! We work with you to make sure your trip is as smooth and easy as possible. If you need wisdom teeth removal in Cary, contact our office at 919.589.0270 or request an appointment online. We can’t wait to serve you, and to welcome you into the Lane family!



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How do I know when my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wondering if your wisdom teeth may need to be removed, but not sure? There are usually some common signs that wisdom teeth need to be removed. One common sign is pain in the back of your mouth, near your back molars. This could be a signal that your wisdom teeth are coming in and crowding your other teeth, causing pain. If you have redness or swelling in your mouth, especially towards the back near your molars, this is another indicator that it may be time to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Sometimes the wisdom teeth do not have space to “erupt”, or actually grow into the mouth, and become impacted. This means that the teeth will continue to push against the jaw and other molars, causing pain or discomfort. When impacted, wisdom teeth can also continue to grow roots, which can cause other problems.


If you think you or your child may need their wisdom teeth removed, come see our Cary dental team for an examination. We will examine the jaw to see if wisdom tooth removal is necessary or recommended, and give a thorough explanation of your options. Call our Cary dental office at 919.589.0270 or request an appointment online to speak to a member of our team today!