Wisdom Teeth Removal in Fuquay-Varina, NC

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If your child is entering their teen years or already in a car and on the road, that means the day is coming when they will need their wisdom teeth removed. Getting one’s third molars, commonly called ‘ wisdom teeth’ removed is almost a staple of the teenage experience. It is so common that is has become the fodder for youtube videos and snapchats that teens send to their friends after treatment. When it is your teen’s turn to have their wisdom teeth removed, there is no better place to come than our dentist office in Fuquay Varina. Our dental experts have years of experience removing wisdom teeth, and will make you and your family comfortable and at ease with the process.

We work hard to make sure that you and your family are comfortable with the wisdom teeth removal procedure, and that the process is simple and efficient. If you are looking to schedule wisdom tooth removal for yourself or a family member, call our Fuquay Varina office at 919.552.9711 or contact us here online to request an appointment today. We can’t wait to make you smile!


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Is ice cream good after wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth removal is somewhat famously known as ‘that surgery where you get to eat ice cream afterwards’. Because so many people know stories about people getting to eat ice cream after their surgery, a common question for our dentists is: is ice cream really good for you after wisdom tooth extraction? The answer is that yes, soft foods like ice cream and yogurt are good to eat after wisdom tooth removal.


This is because after an oral surgery like wisdom tooth extraction, your gums will be swollen and need to heal. During this time after the procedure, it is best to avoid solid foods which can cause pain and delay the healing process. Smoothies and milkshakes, ice cream and yogurt, as well as other soft foods are good to eat during this time. The cold temperature of ice cream can also feel good on your swollen gums. So yes, eat away after your procedure and enjoy the excuse to chow down on ice cream and smoothies! Make sure to note though, that when enjoying a smoothie after your procedure you should avoid using a straw. In some rare cases straws can potentially cause dry socket. Feel free to enjoy as many smoothies as you like, just avoid straws for a short while after your wisdom teeth come out.


Visit Lane and Associates for wisdom tooth extraction in Fuquay Varina

If you or a family member need to have your wisdom teeth out, visit our Fuquay-Varina office for a consultation with a member of our Lane and Associates team. We are ready to walk you and your family through the process of wisdom tooth removal and make it as easy and painless as possible. Request an appointment online and let us make you smile today!