Dental Implants in Raleigh, NC

Are you looking for dental implants or need to visit a periodontist in Raleigh, NC? Come see our Lane and Associates Raleigh dentistry team! Our periodontists and dental specialists have decades of experience providing dental implants and other periodontal services. We are here to answer all your questions and help you craft your perfect smile. Whether you are comparing dentures and dental implants, or considering dental implants due to a lost or injured tooth, our team is here to help. Contact our Raleigh dentistry office at 919.876.2464 or request an appointment online to speak to our team about your options or schedule treatment!




Should I get dental implants?

One of the most common questions we get from our Raleigh patients is: Should I get dental implants? That depends on your specific situation, and if you have questions about dental implants you can always talk with our Raleigh dental implant experts at 919.876.2464 or request an appointment online to talk with a periodontist about your options.

However, there are some common reasons that people choose to get dental implants. Dental implants can be a great choice for people of all ages who have lost a tooth due to injury, infection, or decay. Many people are born without one or more teeth and choose to get dental implants as well. Often we see that people who already have dentures decide to pursue getting dental implants as a more permanent solution. Sometimes dentures can clip, click, or prevent you from eating the foods you are craving. In this situation, dental implants can be a great, permanent alternative that you treat just like real teeth, and are virtually indistinguishable.


Dental Implant Consultation in Raleigh, NC

Curious if dental implants may be right for you? Call our Raleigh office at 919.876.2464 or request an appointment online to speak to one of our periodontists in Raleigh about whether dental implants are right for you. We look forward to serving you!