Have you ever thought about glue? Well, we think about it constantly at LAA because our Administrative Professionals are the glue that keeps our company together! From our treatment coordinators to our office managers to our corporate staff, we would be nothing without our administrative professional team.

Back in the old days, Administrative Professionals Day was considered “National Secretary Day” and of course, that won’t fly anymore. We aren’t all secretaries! Now we are schedulers, managers, coordinators, and administrators of day to day tasks and without us, the company just wouldn’t know which way is up!


While the name of Administrative Professionals Day has changed, the meaning and sentiment behind the namesake remain. We want to appreciate those hard-working individuals in administrative professional roles and to CELEBRATE them! That’s why at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, we pre-packaged some fun for our Administrative Professionals and personally delivered them to each of our 30 offices!

Every administrative professional received a cooler tote that read, “There’s nothing cooler than a hard worker, thanks for always giving your best!” They also came pre-packaged with drinks and snacks so our staff is ready for anything! We thought it was pretty cool. Get it?! Our staff had such a fun time receiving their gifts this morning and even snapped a few photos for us. Check em out!

Thank you again to our wonderful dedicated Administrative Professionals at LAA. We truly value and appreciate all of the time and efforts that you put in on and off the clock. We love to make our employees smile!


Lane & Associates

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TODAY’S DENTAL ASSISTANTS strengthen the entire practice and enhance patient satisfaction around the world. Dental assistants are committed to professional development and quality dental care.

March 3-9, 2019, has been designated by the American Dental Assistants Association as the perfect time to acknowledge and recognize this versatile, multi-talented member of our dental team.

How We Celebrated

At Lane & Associates, we wanted to reach out to all of our amazing dental assistants and show them how much we appreciate them. Check out how we celebrated our amazing Dental Assistants this week! #weTOTESappreciateyou


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…pumpkins are seen at every street market, and Fall is in the air at Lane & Associates!

This season has a lot of special and fun memories for many of our employees, so we thought we would round up some of their favorite Fall traditions and Halloween costumes for a spotlight on our dedicated team members. It’s important to share memories with others and each of us have a story to tell. Take a look at our team’s traditions & stories below!


Our Cary Tryon team member, Lilly, shared, “Halloween is my favorite holiday! And as a requirement every year my family has to follow a theme. We all have to have a story.”

“For my son’s first Halloween, 2015, he was Chucky, dad was Freddy Kruger and I was a vampire. For Halloween 2016 my son was Captain Hook, I was Tinker Bell and dad was Peter Pan! He wore tights! For 2017, my son was a dragon, my daughter was a princess, dad was a dragon slayer, and I was his fair maiden. This year we are going with a superhero theme. My son will be Hulk, dad will be Thor, and my daughter and I will be Wonder Woman and wonder baby!”

Our Marketing Coordinator, Stephanie, LOVES Fall. Here are her favorite things to do over the season: “Fall is my favorite season! Partly because my birthday is in October…so I just get excited as September approaches. I “Fall” into the category of pumpkin spice lover, so I have to wait all year long to get my fix.”

“My favorite early Fall tradition is stalking Trader Joe’s and waiting for their pumpkin spice pancake mix to hit the shelves. As soon as it does I feel like I can begin all the fun things…decorating and enjoying hearty soups. #ILOVEFALL” Check out her seasonal decorations!


Many of our employees dressed up for Halloween this year at the offices.

Two of our favorites were our Roseboro and Pittsboro offices. Our Pittsboro office chose to do a magical Unicorn land with Rainbows, clouds, and Skittles galore! Dr. Flynn even brought a fuzzy Rainbow pen around with him to sign patient charts.

Last but not least, our Roseboro office dressed up as animals & friends on a Farm. Plus, Dr. Miller was the Farmer. Our favorite touch is definitely the “EAT MOR CANDY” sign imitating the Chick-fil-a cow though. Way to be creative!

So many more of our offices participated and here is a collage below! We absolutely love the participation this year and are so proud to call these fab-boo-lous employees ours!

Thinking of joining us at Lane & Associates? Read more about our company & available positions on our Careers page here. #welovetomakeyousmile

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Lane & Associates Family Dentistry in the Raleigh NC Area is one of Glassdoor’s Top 20 Companies where Employees are the Happiest


Glassdoor ranks companies based on the ratings they receive from their employees. According to the latest insights, Lane & Associates is the only dental company mentioned throughout the article. We feel honored and grateful to our employees for giving us such high ratings and hope to continue that happiness and loyalty well into the future. Thank you to all of our current and future employees! You are truly an inspiration to us!

Read more on Glassdoor’s blog here: https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/companies-employees-happiest/ 

Interested in working with Lane & Associates? Visit our Careers page to find a job opening near you in Raleigh, Cary, Durham or surrounding areas! 

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At Lane & Associates, our team is constantly seeking new and informative educational opportunities within the dental industry. Our dental company frequently attends the ADA (American Dental Association) Conferences and Dentrix Best of Dentistry conventions throughout the year.

Over time, our dental Office Managers and Regional Directors have had the opportunity to become certified Dentrix Masters! Two of our Regional Directors, Brandy Pearce and LaVerne McNeil, have even been mentioned in the Dentrix Mastery Tracks articles and front-page news!

Brandy Pearce has been a loyal Lane & Associates employee for over 14 years and is seen above on the cover of Dentrix magazine. When asked how becoming a Dentrix specialist has improved her career, Brandy states, “Besides feeling more confident in my own personal knowledge of Dentrix, I love to see the excitement of fellow employees when I can teach them something new in Dentrix.” Check out her article online about what Dentrix Mastery Tracks has meant to her.

LaVerne McNeil, seen below, has been with Lane & Associates Family Dentistry for over 10 years and was mentioned in the Fall 2016 Dentrix Mastery Tracks Spotlight! LaVerne states, “This has been an exciting experience for me to be on the ground floor of new software for our offices and help the staff see the benefits of using Dentrix. There is so much that Dentrix has to offer that by challenging myself with the Dentrix Mastery Tracks tests, I can see where I need improvement and find tips to help our offices.” Check out her article on why she decided to start the Mastery Tracks program here.

We are so proud of our many employees at Lane & Associates that have completed the Dentrix Mastery Tracks courses and become certified to better understand our dental software – assisting our dental staff to significantly improve our patients’ experiences is their number one priority! After all, at Lane & Associates, We love to make you smile!

Do you want to work for one of the best dental companies in North Carolina? Visit our Careers page and apply today at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry to join our amazing dental team. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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