World Oral Health Day!

Sunday, March 20th is World Oral Health Day, a day where dental communities unite and bring global awareness to the prevention of oral diseases. It’s time to brush up your own mouth healthy know-how, so this year Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is doing things a little different.

Instead of an ordinary blog post, we’ve decided to highlight a variety of dental communities and their 2022 efforts dedicated to World Oral Health Day! So many organizations have decided to launch week to year long campaigns dedicated to the importance of oral hygiene.

So let’s start with FDI World Dental Federation who organizes, sponsors, and markets World Oral Health Day. Their year long campaign involves national dental associations from around the world with activities in over 130 countries.

Take a look at some of their resources here.

Now let’s take a look at organizations with blogs, much like this one, who are providing resourceful information about World Oral Health Day.

Dentsply Sirona Proudly Supports World Oral Health Day 2022
Nicswell World Oral Health Day 2022
ADA Dental Community Unites for World Oral Health Day
Awareness Days World Oral Health Day 2022
Delta Dental World Oral Health Day 2022
Eduwar World Oral Health Day 2022
Virt World Oral Health Day 2022
National Today World Oral Health Day 2022

Don’t forget to stay connected with World Oral Health Day on Social Media to learn more.
Let’s work together to achieve healthier mouths and healthier lives!

IG: @worldoralhealthday

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Happy Friday!

Lane and Associates Staff Appreciation GiftThis week, Lane & Associates has been filled with fun and fellowship. There are so many holidays in the month of March but this week we focused on some very special ones.

A company gift was distributed to all Dentists and Dental Assistants in honor of National Dentist’s Day (March 6th) and Dental Assistants Recognition Week (March 6th – March 12th). Each person received a branded Neoprene Wristband Key Chain along with a $25.00 Target Gift Card. Who doesn’t love a trip to Target?

Dentistry Conference

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry was also represented at the National Mobile & Teledentistry Conference which was held in Las Vegas. The conference featured hundreds of entrepreneurs, industry experts, brand leaders, and dental professionals from across the world – all while diving into the future of dentistry! At LAA, introducing new methods of modern dentistry is always an exciting bonus.

Business of the Week

Speaking of exciting, North Carolina Oral Surgery + Orthodontics – Dunn (NCOSO) received an award. They were featured as Business of the Week by the Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce. Keep watch for Dunn Chamber announcements next Wednesday! A special shoutout to Heather with the Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce who came to the office and captured some amazing shots of the shining staff!

NCOSO Staff Award

The Best Dentist

An additional award was received by Lane & Associates Family Dentistry as Best Dentist – Gold from Midtown Magazine at their 2022 Diamond Awards. LAA was also acknowledged as Best Dentist – Bronze in Cary Living Magazine.

Lane and Associates Staff Accepting a Midtown Magazine Award

Stay tuned for next week’s #LAAWeekly!

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hand pointing to abutment on fake teeth

Are you advised to get dental implants or dental bridges to replace your missing teeth? If yes, then you should know different parts of dental implants and dental bridges. The expert dental professionals of Lane and Associates Family Dentistry guide their patients about the most suitable treatment option to replace their teeth. Read the complete article to have thorough knowledge about a dental abutment and different queries about it. 

What is a Dental Abutment Tooth?

The Lane Dentists are known as the best skilled dental personnel in town. According to the expert dentist, a dental abutment joins two or more elements that are utilized in restorative dentistry. In the case of a dental bridge, the abutment teeth are the two adjacent teeth that hold the bridge, or the teeth that support a partial denture. 

In the case of dental implants, the abutments are used to join the bridge or other tooth replacements to the fixture that is inserted in the jawbone. The abutment teeth or other abutments provide a base for the functional restoration of bite and restoring beautiful smiles.  

Is an Abutment the Same as an Implant?

A dental implant is inserted into the jaw in a minor surgical dental procedure. The process of dental implant is slightly different, it requires proper healing, the fusion of the dental implant with the surrounding bone, and then finally the abutment is placed. The healing of the dental implant process takes several months, and, if the patient’s jaw needs support from a bone graft, healing may take longer.

Dental implant Patients are usually provided with a temporary prosthetic tooth to wear while the implant is recovering. This lengthy healing process forms a stable foundation for your prosthetic tooth, which will bear the wear and tear of chewing and other functions. After the bone and implant have fully healed, the dentist uses local anesthesia at the region of the implant and inserts the abutment into the implant.

It is inserted with the help of dental cement or a special kind of screw that is also known as a lag screw. After the complete healing of the surrounding gum tissue, the crown can be joined to the abutment, and the restoration is complete.

The Abutments in the case of the bridge are used to attach a bridge or removable denture to an implant. Certain abutments materials are recommended for different types of restorations, according to the Lane Dentists titanium is often used due to its durability and its biocompatibility.

The other material used is zirconium, which imitates the natural color of the tooth, this is advised in cases if the abutment is highly visible. The dental team at the Lane and Associates Family Dentistry strives to serve our valued clients and if you need any suggestions related to your dental bridge then book your appointment right away with us.

How is a Dental Abutment Inserted?

In the case of a dental implant firstly the dentist waits for the process of osseointegration to complete. After the completion of osseointegration, the dental team at the Lane and Associates performs an additional surgery to place the abutment. The abutment is attached to the area where the crown will eventually attach. It is normally a minor surgery, and the patient is given local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.

Following steps are performed to insert the abutment: 

  • The Lane Dentists reopens the gum to expose the dental implant
  • The abutment is joined to the dental implant
  • The gum tissue is then closed around, leaving the abutment exposed

The site of abutment attachment varies according to different dental implant metal posts. This means that the dentist performs an extra surgical step.

 The abutment passes through the gum line, and it is visible when the patient opens their mouth, it will be that way until the Lane dentist completes the tooth prosthesis. If you don’t want the abutment to be visible, then there is the option that you can have the abutment placed in a separate appointment.

What Teeth Can You Get An Abutment On?

Selecting the abutment teeth is one of the most imperative steps when planning for a dental bridge. The Lane dentists make a complete treatment plan for the specific clinical situation and confirm the feasibility of a dental bridge.

There are a few requirements for teeth to use as an abutment which include the health of the tooth, it should be treated completely if it has cavity or decay, the teeth should not have a gingival recession or a greater degree of mobility. If the dental bridges are supported by many abutments, then minor mobility of the teeth can be accepted.

You can get a dental bridge on your front teeth although it is not very common.

Some teeth have greater strength, and these teeth are more suitable for use as abutments and these teeth include the molars due to the presence of multiple roots and strong bone. While on the other hand some teeth are proven to be extremely weak abutment teeth which are known as incisors due to the presence of a single root.

At Lane and Associates, the expert dental professionals examine your mouth and make a perfect treatment plan so that your smile can be restored to good health. 

Does Getting an Abutment Hurt?

The abutment is fixed by a dental specialist at Lane and Associates and in this procedure, the dentists make a small cut in the gum area to fix the abutment. This dental procedure is less invasive and less painful than the process of the implantation procedure.

To fix the abutment, the surgeon will reopen the gum only to expose the dental implant. The specialist will attach the abutment and then close the gum tissue around it. It will not hurt the patient because in most cases anesthesia is given to the patients, although some discomfort may occur after numbing wears off.

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dentist wearing mask

Healthy teeth are an incredibly important part of our lives, Lane DDS is striving to help people regain their pretty smiles. Do you have a gap in your smile? No need to fear! There are a multitude of ways the dental professionals of Lane and Associates Family Dentistry use to restore your pretty smile!

Dental bridges are one of the most reliable ways to replace missing teeth, and a cantilever bridge is one of our experts’ recommendations.

What is a Cantilever Dental Bridge?

A cantilever bridge is a different kind of bridge as compared to the other dental bridges; the bridge is anchored on one strong tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. This bridgework option is used when there is only one adjacent tooth to support the bridge. This bridge is made of either ceramic and metal or entirely of ceramic that replaces the anterior missing teeth. 

How Does a Cantilever Bridge Work?

The cantilever bridge works similarly to a traditional bridge, but there is one difference that the pontic in a cantilever dental bridge is fixed by a dental crown that is cemented to only one abutment tooth. For a cantilever bridge, Lane DDS only needs one natural tooth next to the missing tooth space.

A cantilever bridge works perfectly in cases where the Pontic is not receiving a great deal of stress i.e. The premolar region. 

How Long Does a Cantilever Dental Bridge Last?

Did you know that a cantilever bridge requires care for it just like any dental restoration? It is imperative to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing teeth twice daily and flossing once daily to make a dental bridge last. The health of the natural teeth is important to maintain a cantilever bridge. 

If proper care is provided to the cantilever bridge, it can be a very useful and effective option to replace a missing tooth.

Typically, cantilever dental bridges last about 5 – 7 years. The average longevity depends on the type of material used to make the bridge as well as your personal ambition of taking care of your oral hygiene.

The Advantages of Cantilever Bridges

The main advantages of a cantilever bridge are as follows:

  • They are less invasive than the other treatment options.  
  • Cantilever bridges are reversible.
  • Cantilever bridges are often used in the front of the mouth and look just like natural teeth. 
  • An affordable alternative to other kinds of bridges.
  • These types of bridges have high durability if taken good care of. 
  • Cantilever bridges have less chance of decay in the adjacent teeth. 
  • They are easy to fit in the mouth and are also easy to clean.

The disadvantages of a cantilever bridge are as follows:

  • If the patients do not have healthy teeth and healthy gums, then those patients are not good candidates for cantilever bridges. 
  • A cantilever bridge can fail if the bridges are not attached to strong teeth. 
  • Damage may occur to the cantilever bridge if not taken care of.  

In What Cases do Dentists Recommend a Cantilever Dental Bridge?

Cantilever bridges are recommended by Lane DDS in cases such as: 

  • This treatment option is indicated for certain clinical situations when there are no teeth on both sides of the missing teeth.
  • If the missing teeth are adjacent to the anterior part of the mouth where a tooth is present. 

This teeth replacement option is not suitable in the posterior teeth due to too much pressure caused while biting down and chewing food. It is always a great idea to visit your dental specialist to decide the best teeth restoration option. 

Which Teeth Can You Get One On?

There are two clinical situations when these restorations may be recommended for teeth:

  • When it comes to dental treatment, it is sometimes not suitable to prepare a tooth located in a visible part of the anterior teeth. 
  • In the cases when the first upper premolar is missing and the canine at the front end of the space is healthy and undamaged. The expert dental team for obvious aesthetic reasons leaves this tooth untouched.
  • In this situation, the expert dentists along with the highly experienced dental technicians design a cantilever bridge with the second premolar and the first molar as abutments. 

There are many treatment options to restore a single tooth such as a dental implant but, understandably, the cost plays a vital role in the selection of dental treatment options. Along with the cost, a customized treatment plan is also important for treatment success and good oral health. 

If you would like to know whether you are a suitable candidate for a cantilever dental bridge, schedule a consultation and meet our dental experts at Lane and Associates Family Dentistry. Our Lane DDS team is prepared to serve along with the team of well-qualified dental technicians and advanced dental technology is always prepared to serve our valued clients!

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Join us at our New Raleigh Dental Office

Lane & Associates is proud to announce our new Raleigh dental office off of Capital Blvd! This office is particularly convenient for our Raleigh patients who live near Triangle Towne Center. Our new Raleigh location offers all of your family’s dental needs. From our Child’s First Dental visit program to Free Teeth Whitening!

Raleigh Capital Blvd Dentist logo

Where is the new Lane & Associates Capital Blvd Office Located?

Our new Raleigh dental office is located in the Shops at Plantation Square near I-540 and Triangle Towne Center. Previously where the Reintgen Dentistry office was located. Our new address and phone number are listed below.

6320 Capital Blvd, Ste 121, Raleigh, NC 27616

 (919) 981-7363

Smiling Raleigh Dental staff selfie
Our Raleigh Capital Blvd Team is ready to meet you!

How do you schedule an appointment as a New Patient?

To schedule your appointment at our Raleigh Capital Blvd office please fill out our online appointment request form. Our office is also open Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm. Give us a call at (919) 981-7363 today!

What if I am a Current Lane & Associates Patient?

If you are a current patient and wish to be transferred to this new location, please contact our office. Our office hours are from 8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday. Currently, we see patients on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Dr. Megan Hayworth and Dr. Shadan Yassine cannot wait to meet you!

Visit our Raleigh Capital Blvd office page here to learn more. 

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Join us on New Year’s Day as we launch our brand new website & giveaway fun prizes!

The FIRST 25 PATIENTS on New Year’s Day to find this phrase on the website: “IT’S A NEW DAY FOR LAA!” on one of our main web pages & fill out our giveaway entry form will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


Be sure to peruse through the entire site to find the winning phrase. It will have a link next to it to click to the giveaway entry form! Give us some feedback on your initial thoughts of the website and let us know what you think! It’s a new day for Lane & Associates and we are excited to start this new year off with a bang!


Visit our new website to request your appointments online, fill out paperwork online, find your nearest office, and contact us for all of your dental needs! At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, we love to make you smile!



*Active patients are considered having been seen within the last year. Lane & Associates reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. 

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At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, we appreciate and support our military and their many sacrifices. As a special offer we are providing discounted dental services to all Veterans throughout the month of November. Find out more below!

Check out the letter from our founder Dr. Don Lane:


This offer is for Veterans and Active Duty Military who supply proper ID. This discount applies to patients only, not including family members. Treatment must be completed within 3 months of the start date.

Ask our offices for more details or call us today at 1-877-526-3337!

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In celebration of all Teachers throughout Raleigh, Durham, Cary and beyond our company donated teacher appreciation baskets to schools near our offices to show our support. We are happy to celebrate our amazing educators in North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Want to know some more great gift ideas you can give to your kid’s teachers? Check out the video below for some tips!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week 2018 from Lane & Associates!


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DRINKING ENERGY AND SPORTS DRINKS on a regular basis is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. But did you know that these drinks can be extremely damaging to your teeth?

Sports and Energy Drinks Are Highly Acidic

It’s important to remember the purposes of each of these drinks so as not to consume them more often than you should. Energy drinks may provide a pick-me-up during a long day at work, but drinking one or more energy drinks every day can damage your teeth in the long run.

Sports drinks were made to keep your body hydrated and energized during bouts of intense exercise. While they may be beneficial during a good workout, these drinks should never take the place of water and should not be consumed casually or on a daily basis.

The reason for this is that both energy and sports drinks are highly acidic. Regularly consuming food or drink with high acidity levels wears away your tooth enamel. This makes teeth more susceptible to cavities, tooth discoloration, and sensitivity.

The Combination of Sugar and Acid Packs a Mean Punch

Energy and sports drinks launch a twofold attack on your teeth: while acid weakens the enamel, sugar feeds cavity-causing bacteria and contributes to decay. Not a good combo! While sugar-free options are available, the majority of these types of drinks are chock full of sugar. Unfortunately, even the sugar-free versions are still as acidic as their sweet counterparts.

Consume Acidic And Sugary Beverages Wisely

Here are some tips to protect your teeth if you are drinking energy and sports drinks:

  1. Don’t make it a daily habit. Drink sports drinks only during high-intensity workouts, not on a regular basis, and minimize the number of energy drinks you consume.
  2. Drink it all at once instead of sipping throughout the day.
  3. Rinse out your mouth or chew sugarless gum afterward. This will help increase saliva production and counteract acidity.

Know The Facts, Protect Your Smile

Believe it or not, the adverse effects these drinks have on teeth isn’t widely known. With 30 to 50 percent of U.S. teens consuming energy drinks, and as many as 62 percent consuming at least one sports drink per day, it’s important that people understand how damaging they can be to teeth.

If you have more questions about sports or energy drinks, call us at 1-877-LANE-DDS or send us a message by filling out our contact us form!

We’re always happy to hear from our patients and we love to make you smile!

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