Cinco de Mayo Head Assistant Fun!

At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry we know how important meetings are for professional development and growth, but we also know they don’t have to be boring! Our Head Assistants celebrated their quarterly meeting in style. The entire meeting was Cinco de Mayo themed from decor to games to food. Table runners in a variety of colors hosted paper flowers, vases filled with colored water and fresh flower arrangements, and mini sombreros. The assistants were filled with surprise and even took pieces of the table arrangements with them!

Awards and accolades were distributed throughout the meeting. We learned and ate lunch catered by Chinelos. The delicious spread included chicken, beef, beans, rice, guacamole, salad, salsa, and a cheese fountain!

To conclude the meeting each Head Assistant received a piñata stuffed with candy and a special prize. The prizes included: 2 sets of 6 tickets to a Mudcats baseball game, a total of $360 cash, and $150 worth of gift cards.

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Cinco de Mayo with our Head Assistants and cannot wait for our next themed meeting.

Here are some fun captures of Wednesday’s meeting!


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Lane & Associates Family Dentistry Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day!

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry (LAA) along with NC Oral Surgery + Orthodontics (NCOSO) took the opportunity to celebrate our employees this past Wednesday for Administrative Professionals Day!  Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Admin Day recognizes the people who keep an office running every day. Administrative workers at all levels are recognized for their hard work behind – and directly in front of – the scenes, making sure things run smoothly throughout the entire company and supporting their staff in any way they can. We know we have the best teams out there and we could not do what we do without them.

Our administrative staff is indispensable and make running our company a lot easier, by doing their jobs so well.” says Dr. Lane.

There are no absolute traditions for Administrative Professionals’ Day but we’ve created our own appreciation culture at LAA! A small yearly tribute to the people who work hard to keep the company running smoothly is the least we can do to show them that we appreciate them and acknowledge just how lost we would be without them. Each administrative staff member received a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Lane. The gift included a branded wristband keychain along with a $25.00 Target gift card.

Employees from multiple offices shared their photos, videos, and thank you messages on social media. We loved seeing how the offices celebrated individually! They truly are the Key to our Success!

Take a look at this fun compilation of employees with their gifts! Does your company celebrate Admin Day? Want to know more about Administrative Professional’s Day? Looking for ideas on how to celebrate? Read the article linked here for information and ideas.

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At Lane & Associates, our dental team means the world to us!

That’s why this Dentist’s Day and Dental Assistant Appreciation Week we delivered a fun appreciation gift to show how much we care! Check out the smiles below of many of our dental assistants and dentists that received their gifts this week. We think our gift tag was pretty clever, what do you think?!

Each branded mask and gift card came in a gift box saying, “We can’t mask our love for you!”

Thank you to all of our staff for your incredible work ethic, your motivation, and your commitment to Lane & Associates Family Dentistry. You make us smile! 

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Family Day 2019

Ever wondered what fun it is to be apart of the Lane & Associates family? Well here’s an inside scoop at our Annual Family Day which typically happens every Fall or Winter for the entire company. As part of the marketing department, I have a behind-the-scenes look at just how much work, planning, and creativity goes into each Family Day celebration. 

Employees at Lane Family Day

What is “Family Day”?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Each year Lane & Associates and NCOSO’s Corporate team get together to plan an extravagant Employee Appreciation day for our employees and their families. We give away prizes ranging from Amazon Gift cards to Free Vacation Days to Trips to destinations like Italy! There is also a Cash Jar for employees and their family members to write their name on a dollar bill (or multiple bills) and whoever’s bill is picked from the jar wins the entire pot. 


We truly believe the spirit surrounding Family Day is to bring everyone in the company together for fun and fellowship – games, food, prizes, our Doctor Bake-off, kids prizes, and tons of entertainment. It’s an event you wouldn’t want to miss! 


This year our company Family Day was held outdoors on November 9th, a beautiful sunny Saturday at Phillips Farms in Cary. This is no ordinary farm though. Phillips Farms is filled to the brim with activities for the entire family and they have a knack for repurposing farming equipment into games that is one for the ages. Take a look at this musical instrument station that used to be farm tools and this seesaw made of John Deere parts. 

farming equipment seesaws
Phillips Farms Tractor slide and Seesaw
Farm equipment repurposed into instruments
Phillips Farm equipment repurposed as Instruments

About Phillips Farms

This Cary farm also offers different produce and adventures throughout the seasons. For example, this winter they will be selling Christmas Trees at the farm. They also offer Strawberry Picking in the summer and an adorable Pumpkin patch in the Fall. On top of that, this is a family-owned and operated farm. As sponsors of their Family Fun park, Lane & Associates is happy to collaborate and support another fantastic local business. 

Phillips Farm Cary face in hole sign

Our 2019 Family Day Theme

Now back to Family Day. This year we decided our theme would be geared more towards Fall and Thanksgiving due to the timing of the event and our marketing team came up with the idea to give each employee (and their family members) a Hoodie with our family day logo! Check out this family sporting their matching hoodies while feeding the fish at the pond.

Family wearing matching hoodies by lake
Family wearing matching Family Day hoodies
face painted girls at Family Day
Facepainting at Family Day

Activities at Family Day 2019

After all 400+ employees and their families checked in, there were activities like the Corn Maze, human foosball, a haunted house (for the brave ones out there), Wagon ride, Cow Train, Pumpkin slingshot, Candy Cannon and more! Some of the little ones loved wading through the corn kernels and pretending it was a ball pit while also getting photos with characters that we brought in. Here’s a photo of one lucky little man with Peppa Pig! We also had Spider-Man sliding down the slides, some Minions up to no good, and Ninja Turtles roaming around near the pizza truck. 

Family day jumping pillow

For the rest of us kids (and let’s face it, we’re all kids at heart) there were activities like the inflatable jumping pillows, race cars, a photo booth, feeding the goats, carnival games, and even the Pumpkin slingshot. Not gonna lie, the pumpkin slingshot was a favorite of mine. I didn’t go through the haunted clown house but I heard it was creepy and thrilling for those who dared to enter. 

Clown house at Family Day
The Clown House at Family Day called “Big Top Terror”
Knightdale Dental office making funny faces
Our Knightdale office getting their photo at our Photobooth!

Now onto the good stuff…Food!

That’s right. The food at Family Day 2019 consisted of 7 amazing food trucks from around the area. We had BBQ, sweet potato fries, tacos, arepas, dumplings, hotdogs, pizza…you name it! The farm also had its Ice Cream station for each attendee and a Kettlecorn station for every family to get a bag full of delicious popcorn. Yum! 

Speaking of yum, our Doctors had a pretty sweet competition going on during the event as well. We had 13 doctors enter our Doctor Bake-Off for a chance at winning one of three cash prizes. Random employees were picked to be our Bake-off Judges and given two pennies to place in jars next to their top two choices. Our winners were…

Each doctor received a cash prize and a custom wooden spoon with their prize place listed. Check out those winning smiles! 

2019 Doctor Bake off Winners
Our 2019 Family Day Doctor Bake-off Winners

Our doctors were kind enough to share their recipes with us below but, of course, they kept a few winning secrets to themselves. Click on the photos to see an enlarged recipe. Thank you to all of our doctors who participated this year! 

1st place winner Dr. Hamad's tooth shaped dessert

Prizes at Family Day

You saw me mention a few prizes earlier but I wanted to highlight the other amazing prizes for this year’s drawings. We had gift card drawings for restaurants, Starbucks, Target, TJMaxx, Home Depot, Spa Finder, Kohls, and many many more. There were also themed gift baskets like our Date Night basket, Girls Night Out basket, and even a Spa Gift Basket. The gift card tree is shown below and our Spa basket winner took a shot of her goodies for us as well!

We gave away a ton of incredible electronic gifts like iPads, Airpods, and even some amazing kitchen gadgets like Ninja Food processors and KitchenAid Blenders. The final prizes were our Grand Prize giveaways in which two lucky winners received trips: one prize was a Trip for 4 on a Carribean Cruise & the other was a Trip for 2 to Rome!

We are Family

Talk about a lucky group of employees. I feel very privileged to be involved with a company like Lane & Associates Family Dentistry that truly gives back to not only the community but also to their employees. Being a part of this company is like no other & I know I’m not alone in saying.. Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Lane for starting and building this company from the ground up. We are all lucky to have you as our leaders. 

Dr. and Mrs. Lane
Dr. and Mrs. Lane enjoying Family Day 2019
Sunset at the end of Family Day
Sunset on Family Day 2019

Just as an inside scoop…Family Day 2020 will be even better! See you next year! 


Written by: Kaitlin Painter | Digital Marketing & Content Manager |


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Have you ever thought about glue? Well, we think about it constantly at LAA because our Administrative Professionals are the glue that keeps our company together! From our treatment coordinators to our office managers to our corporate staff, we would be nothing without our administrative professional team.

Back in the old days, Administrative Professionals Day was considered “National Secretary Day” and of course, that won’t fly anymore. We aren’t all secretaries! Now we are schedulers, managers, coordinators, and administrators of day to day tasks and without us, the company just wouldn’t know which way is up!


While the name of Administrative Professionals Day has changed, the meaning and sentiment behind the namesake remain. We want to appreciate those hard-working individuals in administrative professional roles and to CELEBRATE them! That’s why at Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, we pre-packaged some fun for our Administrative Professionals and personally delivered them to each of our 30 offices!

Every administrative professional received a cooler tote that read, “There’s nothing cooler than a hard worker, thanks for always giving your best!” They also came pre-packaged with drinks and snacks so our staff is ready for anything! We thought it was pretty cool. Get it?! Our staff had such a fun time receiving their gifts this morning and even snapped a few photos for us. Check em out!

Thank you again to our wonderful dedicated Administrative Professionals at LAA. We truly value and appreciate all of the time and efforts that you put in on and off the clock. We love to make our employees smile!


Lane & Associates

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TODAY’S DENTAL ASSISTANTS strengthen the entire practice and enhance patient satisfaction around the world. Dental assistants are committed to professional development and quality dental care.

March 3-9, 2019, has been designated by the American Dental Assistants Association as the perfect time to acknowledge and recognize this versatile, multi-talented member of our dental team.

How We Celebrated

At Lane & Associates, we wanted to reach out to all of our amazing dental assistants and show them how much we appreciate them. Check out how we celebrated our amazing Dental Assistants this week! #weTOTESappreciateyou


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