LAA Supports Wake Tech

Dental Assisting Program!

Since 2017, Lane & Associates Family Dentistry has partnered with Wake Tech Community Colleges’ Dental Assisting program. Last week, Lane DDS was recognized at the Wake Tech Dental Assisting Open House for the renaming of Wake Tech’s new dental facility.

Welcome to the “Lane & Associates Family Dentistry Dental Clinic Facility,” which is located on the Perry Health Sciences Campus.

The ceremony and unveiling was an experience that will not be forgotten and included an array of speakers and exemplary figures in the dental community that provided words of wisdom and knowledgeable remarks.

The open house was concluded with a tour of the new state-of-the-art facility which has eight treatment rooms, a designated sterilization area, a panoramic room, a reception room area, faculty offices, and a student locker room!

Learn More & Connect With Us

To learn more information about this amazing milestone to Wake Tech’s Dental Assisting Program is making, click here.

Check out @lanedds on Instagram for more content and to view a quick video of our Lane DDS crew having fun at the open house!


At Lane and Associates Family Dentistry, we are here to help you during your smile journey! To learn more about all of our dental services, visit us at or call us at 877-LANEDDS (526-3337)At Lane and Associates Family Dentistry, We Love to Make You Smile!
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Cinco de Mayo Head Assistant Fun!

At Lane & Associates Family Dentistry we know how important meetings are for professional development and growth, but we also know they don’t have to be boring! Our Head Assistants celebrated their quarterly meeting in style. The entire meeting was Cinco de Mayo themed from decor to games to food. Table runners in a variety of colors hosted paper flowers, vases filled with colored water and fresh flower arrangements, and mini sombreros. The assistants were filled with surprise and even took pieces of the table arrangements with them!

Awards and accolades were distributed throughout the meeting. We learned and ate lunch catered by Chinelos. The delicious spread included chicken, beef, beans, rice, guacamole, salad, salsa, and a cheese fountain!

To conclude the meeting each Head Assistant received a piñata stuffed with candy and a special prize. The prizes included: 2 sets of 6 tickets to a Mudcats baseball game, a total of $360 cash, and $150 worth of gift cards.

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Cinco de Mayo with our Head Assistants and cannot wait for our next themed meeting.

Here are some fun captures of Wednesday’s meeting!


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Lane & Associates Family Dentistry Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day!

Lane & Associates Family Dentistry (LAA) along with NC Oral Surgery + Orthodontics (NCOSO) took the opportunity to celebrate our employees this past Wednesday for Administrative Professionals Day!  Administrative Professionals’ Day, also known as Admin Day recognizes the people who keep an office running every day. Administrative workers at all levels are recognized for their hard work behind – and directly in front of – the scenes, making sure things run smoothly throughout the entire company and supporting their staff in any way they can. We know we have the best teams out there and we could not do what we do without them.

Our administrative staff is indispensable and make running our company a lot easier, by doing their jobs so well.” says Dr. Lane.

There are no absolute traditions for Administrative Professionals’ Day but we’ve created our own appreciation culture at LAA! A small yearly tribute to the people who work hard to keep the company running smoothly is the least we can do to show them that we appreciate them and acknowledge just how lost we would be without them. Each administrative staff member received a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Lane. The gift included a branded wristband keychain along with a $25.00 Target gift card.

Employees from multiple offices shared their photos, videos, and thank you messages on social media. We loved seeing how the offices celebrated individually! They truly are the Key to our Success!

Take a look at this fun compilation of employees with their gifts! Does your company celebrate Admin Day? Want to know more about Administrative Professional’s Day? Looking for ideas on how to celebrate? Read the article linked here for information and ideas.

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Check Out Lane & Associate’s
Favorite TikToks!

TikTok is sweeping the nation with dental trends, fads, and funnies!  LAA has been watching and we’ve decided to put together a running list of some of our favorite TikTok videos.  Here is List #1 of 5 videos we thoroughly enjoyed!

Have a TikTok video related to dental that you think should make our list? Text or email your video to be mentioned on our next List!

Text or email us a link to your TikTok video!


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April hosts a multitude of national awareness efforts, including Oral Cancer Awareness Month and National Facial Protection Month. This blog post is dedicated to Stress Awareness Month & Oral Health. Stress can have a significant impact on your oral health, so it is important to identify where you may be behind in your oral hygiene and try to improve.

Coping with stress ranges from person to person, but the common factor is stress can weaken our immune systems and trigger our brains to cope in unhealthy ways. Our unhealthy habits can cause lasting damage and put your oral health at risk.

4 Signs of Stress on Your Oral Health:

  1. signs of stress on oral healthPoor Oral Hygiene: It’s easy to find yourself slacking on your oral hygiene routine when you’re stressed. You may find yourself brushing only once every day, if at all, or skipping flossing altogether. This of course can lead to plaque buildup, tooth decay, cavities, and potentially tooth loss.
  2. Dry Mouth: Excessive stress can lead to less saliva being produced and you may not be hydrating as you should. Saliva production is necessary to keep our teeth moist, re-mineralize tooth enamel, and fight bacteria. Having dry mouth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  3. Teeth Grinding: I’m sure we all know someone who grinds their teeth due to anxiety or stress or maybe in their sleep. This is also known as bruxism. It can cause wear and tear on your teeth to the point you may chip or maybe even lose your teeth. Bruxism can also lead to tooth sensitivity or even headaches.
  4. Clenched Jaw: When you experience constant muscle tension in your jaw from chronic stress, it can cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). TMJ causes pain in your jaw and around your ears and may lead to difficulty opening your mouth or chewing.

If you’re enduring high levels of stress, it’s super important to keep up with your bi-annual dental visits so that we can help to monitor and manage any impacts stress is having on your oral health.

If you can remove the source of stress from your life, that’s the best way to fend off its negative effects of it. However, if that’s not entirely possible, then turning to healthy habits like yoga, meditation, journaling or exercising can help to reduce tension.

Of course, we are always here and can recommend specific treatment based on what we see during an oral health evaluation!

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Lane & Associates is Back at Phillips Farm!

We are so excited to be back at Phillips Farm in Cary as the title sponsor of their farmer’s market. Every Saturday for the next 4 months (April – August) Lane and Associates will have a table set up with lots of goodies and prizes.  Stop by to spin the prize wheel and learn all about the great dental care that LAA has to offer you and your family.  While checking out all the good stuff at our booth, don’t forget to register for a chance to win a $200 Target gift cardIt’s time to get outside and enjoy everything that the Phillips Farm Market has to offer.

Every month, from now until August, our booth will be at the Phillips Farm Market we will be featuring a different theme. April is all about quality dental care for kids!  Did you know that Lane Kids now offers Pediatric Dentistry?  Stop by our booth this month and learn more about our amazing pediatric dentist Dr. Tori Gill!  Because it’s Kid’s Month, we have added a special, Limited Edition Popit to our prize wheel! We can’t wait to see you there!

Lane and Associates Family Dentistry prides itself in offering quality dental care to all of North Carolina, but it’s the fact that they can impact children of all ages by teaching proper dental hygiene that gives them the most satisfaction.

Lane and Associates offers a variety of dental services for kids including our Baby’s First Dental Program and our Children’s First Dental Visit.  In addition, we now offer Pediatric Dentistry at select locations

To learn more about our quality dental care for kids, visit or give us a call at  1-877-LANE-DDS.


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LaneDDS Manager Meeting Fun!

Easter came a little early this month at Lane and Associates Family Dentistry for our amazing and hard-working office managers.  Our office managers work extremely hard to ensure all of our dental offices throughout North Carolina are running smoothly, efficiently, and providing the highest quality dental care and customer service that our family of LaneDDS patients deserves.  As a token of our appreciation, we surprised our office managers with an Easter-themed meeting full of fun Easter décor and a delicious meal.  Of course, what would an Easter-themed meeting be without an Easter Egg Hunt!


“It was a fun-filled team building Easter Egg hunt with a great and informative meeting lead by Dr. Wright.  Oh, and the Easter meal was GREAT.” ~ Casey M., Raleigh Ridge Road Office Manager

It’s not often that we get all 43 office managers together at one time so our LaneDDS Corporate Team took this opportunity to celebrate their hard work with a little fun reward.   Over 600 eggs, that’s right 600, were filled with goodies and hidden around our Lane and Associates Garner location.  An additional 40 “Golden Eggs” were hidden that contained great prizes like Carolina Hurricanes Tickets, gift cards, and cash prizes!

“It was EGG-citing! The meeting was so productive and a lot of fun. We truly have great leadership here at Lane and Associates and they are so dedicated to helping each team member grow. I am glad to be a part of this family!” ~ Dawn, Roseboro Office Manager

It’s always fun here at Lane and Associates and that’s what makes working for this amazing company so great.  If you’re looking to further your career in the Dental Industry, Lane and Associates Family Dentistry offers a vibrant, rewarding, professional, and FUN work atmosphere.  Visit our careers page to learn about our amazing Employee Benefits and to browse our available positions.

At Lane and Associates Family Dentistry, we love to make our patients SMILE, but that’s not possible without our amazing family of LaneDDS employees!



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Lane Kids Pediatric Dentistry 

Did you know that Lane and Associates Family Dentistry now offers Pediatric Dentistry at our Durham, St. Charles, and Dunn locations! That’s right, LAA offers a complete range of pediatric dental care services that are perfect for your little one.

Our Pediatric Dental Services at Lane Kids Dentistry include dental cleanings, sealants, safe sedation, dental care education, nutrition guidance, and much more. It’s never been easier and more fun for your child’s first dental visit.

Just ask Braxton & Trevor, who recently had their first Pediatric Dental visit with Dr. Tori Gill at our Cary St. Charles dental office.

“The boys had a great time and they really loved the kids’ music, cartoons, and the fun space-themed graphics that decorated the entire office”, said Mom. “Everything, from when we checked-in to when we checked-out was perfect and I loved how we got to enjoy the experience together as a family”.

Braxton added, “It was a great visit, but my favorite part was the treasure box. It had the coolest toys!”

Keep reading for more information on quality Dental Care for Children at Lane and Associates Family Dentistry.

When Should A Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

The American Dental Association and The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states: A child’s first dental visit should occur within six months after their first baby’s tooth appears, but no later than their first birthday.

Lane & Associates always has you covered with our children’s dental programs that start for children as young as of 6 months. These dental care programs allow us to grow with your child and build out a plan to ensure proper dental care throughout their life!

You can find our Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Gill at the following Lane and Associates locations: Cary St. Charles, Durham Miami Blvd & in Dunn. Schedule your child’s dental appointment today and take the next step towards receiving the best dental care your child deserves.

How To Care for Your Child’s Teeth At Home

To ensure that your child has great oral health from a young age, it is important to stay consistent in cleaning their teeth and even their gums before teeth start to arrive.

You can monitor your child’s oral health even before any baby teeth start to erupt. Many babies don’t start to show teeth until around 6 months. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to care for your child’s oral health from before they even have any teeth.

When your child is between 3-6 months old, you can clean their gums with a soft-bristled infant toothbrush to keep their gums healthy. This can also help relieve pain when teeth start to come through their gums.

Once your child reaches 6 months and older, you can start to brush the few teeth that they may have twice a day as well as the gums where teeth haven’t yet come through. Continuing daily brushing is the key to giving your child excellent oral health from a young age.

Once your child reaches 3 years old, it is important to have them learn how to brush their teeth themselves with your assistance. Teaching your child the importance of brushing and how to do it, is a vital part of keeping their teeth and gums healthy.

How Often Should You Brush Your Child’s Teeth?

Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day is key to giving them great oral health as they grow older. Once they have grown old enough to brush their teeth with assistance, have them continue to brush on their own until they are capable of brushing their teeth by themselves.

You can also teach them how to lightly floss their teeth to encourage good habits. Having your child brush their teeth on their own is an important part of keeping their oral health in great shape.

Contact Lane and Associates Family Dentistry Today

Have your child come into our dental office to see one of our accommodating pediatric dentists today! Come visit the Lane and Associates office closest to you to improve your child’s oral health and learn how to properly take care of their teeth.



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World Oral Health Day!

Sunday, March 20th is World Oral Health Day, a day where dental communities unite and bring global awareness to the prevention of oral diseases. It’s time to brush up your own mouth healthy know-how, so this year Lane & Associates Family Dentistry is doing things a little different.

Instead of an ordinary blog post, we’ve decided to highlight a variety of dental communities and their 2022 efforts dedicated to World Oral Health Day! So many organizations have decided to launch week to year long campaigns dedicated to the importance of oral hygiene.

So let’s start with FDI World Dental Federation who organizes, sponsors, and markets World Oral Health Day. Their year long campaign involves national dental associations from around the world with activities in over 130 countries.

Take a look at some of their resources here.

Now let’s take a look at organizations with blogs, much like this one, who are providing resourceful information about World Oral Health Day.

Dentsply Sirona Proudly Supports World Oral Health Day 2022
Nicswell World Oral Health Day 2022
ADA Dental Community Unites for World Oral Health Day
Awareness Days World Oral Health Day 2022
Delta Dental World Oral Health Day 2022
Eduwar World Oral Health Day 2022
Virt World Oral Health Day 2022
National Today World Oral Health Day 2022

Don’t forget to stay connected with World Oral Health Day on Social Media to learn more.
Let’s work together to achieve healthier mouths and healthier lives!

IG: @worldoralhealthday

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